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ACDI and Xerox of Peru Join Their Main Sales Channels

ACDI and Xerox of Peru join their main sales channels. The companies called the guests to an exquisite dining experience. Lima, February 2020 – the recently ACDI and Xerox of Peru gathered its major sales channels to reaffirm its commitment to this

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A Day in the Life of a PSE

Hi! My name is Ron Chiu, and I’m a Professional Services Engineer or PSE here at ACDI. I was asked if I’d be interested in sharing some helpful information about

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10 Ideas You Can Steal From ACDI

#BestJobEver isn’t just some marketing ploy to find amazing talent. At ACDI, it’s the real deal. It’s one of a few sayings that guide our team every day. #BetterThanYesterday and

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