PaperCut 24.0 is Here!

PaperCut MF 24.0 has arrived and it’s never been easier to meet customers wherever they are in the cloud hosting journey. The newly launched PaperCut MF 24.0 update unlocks unified subscriptions for both MF and Hive, eliminating a key commercial obstacle customers face on their cloud hosting journey.

By 2025, 60 percent of infrastructure deployed to support print within mid-to-large organizations will either migrate to or originate in the cloud. Aligned subscription pricing for MF and Hive gives customers total flexibility to move between PaperCut’s portfolio of products.

Unified subscription pricing for MF and Hive will benefit both new and existing Hive customers as existing customers will move to the new pricing for any additional purchase at their next change or renewal. Other benefits of PaperCut MF 24.0 include the option to switch from M&S to subscription at any time with no change to the existing finance agreement mid-term.

The new update also provides like-for-like conversion for existing customers based on the M&S term remaining. For example, a customer with 24 months of M&S remaining will now have a 24-month subscription term. If they want to maximize their term, they can renew at their current M&S renewal price for 60 months and then convert it to subscription.

Extending M&S and converting will save approximately 50 percent compared to a net new MFS customer. If a customer does not want to move to subscription, they can stay on perpetual and continue to renew their M&S.

From a technical standpoint, primary changes from PaperCut v23 to v24 include the following:

  • Application Server needs access to the internet (specifically the Global Entitlements Server)
  • Entitlements (such as device licenses, etc.) are shared between any Application Servers with the same CRN
  • Devices in your entitlements are brand neutral
  • 24.0 supports perpetual customers and subscription customers
  • Changes on any server are propagated to all other servers upon the next sync (e.g. renewing a subscription, converting to subscription)

As PaperCut’s largest Authorized Solutions Center globally, ACDI is committed to providing a complete package of services, including sales and technical support, training, compatible hardware, and remote and onsite installations. To learn more about PaperCut MF 24.0, be sure to visit the ACDI Resource Hub and PaperCut Partner Portal, and contact your ACDI rep if you have any additional questions.

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