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You may not trust them with your car keys, but when you need software installed or your software isn’t working, there’s no better group to have on your side. Experienced professionals, it’s what sets ACDI apart.

Post-sale support is the key

Great dealers know that selling hardware and software solutions is just the beginning. Post-sale support, expertise, follow through, and patience is necessary to help customers adapt to and recognize the value and ROI of their purchase as quickly as possible. That’s where ACDI comes in.

Experienced professionals, it’s what sets ACDI apart.

ACDI’s Professional Services Division is comprised of multiple departments dedicated to serving the unique needs of your customer.

Project Management

Installation Services

Help Desk Support

Maintenance & Support

We offer two levels of support, M&S and M&Splus available to end-users who have purchased software, hardware, or services directly from an ACDI reseller. An end-user is defined as the individual or organization that purchases software, hardware, or services through an authorized equipment reseller partnered with ACDI.Other professional services can be purchased to provide software or hardware installation, upgrades, or training.

Support Service Entitlement

M&S Plus


Email support during normal business hours

Phone support during normal business hours

Access to all applicable software updates

Real time support

Server-side software upgrade assistance

Annual dashboard training

One-time print data audit

Re-embedding MFD reset due to hardware failure

Quality Assurance
7am to 4pm Central  |  M/F

Software Support

U.S. Toll Free 1.877.290.3327
7am to 6pm Central  |  M/F

Online Support Portal​
Submit a support ticket 24/7

Installation Services
7am to 6pm Central  |  M/F

Hardware Support
8am to 5pm Central  |  M/F

Mexico Support

7am to 5pm Central  |  M/F

Argentina Support

7am to 5pm Central  |  M/F

Colombia Support

7am to 5pm Central  |  M/F

Our vast industry experience and expertise in technical support and service sets us apart. When you partner with ACDI, your staff can focus on the core competencies that give you a competitive advantage while leaving the headaches of a full technical support division to the pros.


Our basic level of technical support. Choose M&S if you want email and phone support during normal business hours and access to all applicable software updates.

M&S Plus

With our premium Maintenance & Support Plus, you get everything covered under M&S and more. Choose M&S+ for on-the-spot support, server upgrade assistance, annual dashboard training, a one-time print data audit, and MFP installations after a hardware failure.

What You Get

The following Services are provided with an ACDI Support Agreement:

What You Don't Get

Support does not include the following:

Terms and Conditions for SLAs

ACDI shall not be responsible for the failure to meet a Service Level commitment if the failure is caused by: (i) any breach or non-compliance, or the negligence or intentional acts or omissions of an end-user or its employees or agents; (ii) a fault with any equipment, software or systems not furnished by ACDI, (iii) problems, or configuration or integration issues with an end-user’s own systems, computers or network facilities, (iv) unavailability of the internet or failure of communication networks or power services.