PaperCut and etherFAX Streamline Healthcare Document Exchange

While the healthcare world is no stranger to groundbreaking new solutions and technologies, there are still some aspects of day-to-day operations where healthcare professionals rely on the same tried and tested methods, most notably with document exchange. According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, 89 percent of medical offices and 70 percent of healthcare organizations still rely on fax machines and phone lines to transfer and retrieve patient records or order prescriptions. Additionally, 75 percent of all medical communication is still transmitted by fax. That’s why ACDI was proud to introduce an expansion of the PaperCut Scan to Fax application to include etherFAX connection capabilities.

Maintaining Data Security with PaperCut

Recognizing the need to protect confidential patient data and information, PaperCut MF’s security provides peace of mind for healthcare professionals around the world. Physical measures protect documents throughout their entire lifecycle, and end-to-end encryption keeps data as breach-proof as possible.

Ensuring complete visibility into who’s printing what and when to maintain HIPAA compliance, PaperCut MF allows users to add digital signatures, audit logs, and print job logs to maintain complete visibility on who’s printing what. The last thing a hospital or clinic needs is patient information ending up in the wrong hands, and secure print release makes sure that fear never becomes a reality by requiring authentication before printing any document.

Printing isn’t the only form of document exchange present in healthcare facilities, and PaperCut MF provides the same level of security for scanning. The Admin web interface allows for specific configuration on a variety of features, including scan actions, OCR settings, default scan settings, cloud destination options, and shared folder settings. Most notably for healthcare professionals, PaperCut also allows users to scan to fax with connectors such as etherFAX.

Utilizing the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network

etherFAX is a secure data transmission solution that leverages hybrid cloud fax services for fast, reliable, and cost-effective fax communications. With more than six million connected endpoints, the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) is the world’s largest fax network, supporting every major fax server, application, and fax-enabled device. Systems within the etherFAX ecosystem can communicate directly with each other without the use of telephony, while the SEN is capable of sending color, high-resolution, documents, and fully encrypted payloads with no change in the user experience.

In the pursuit of seamless data exchange, faxing remains a steadfast ally in the healthcare industry and its reliability and security make it a trusted means of data transmission. Intelligent Document Capture lies at the core of etherFAX’s capabilities, ensuring that even handwritten or printed text in faxed documents can be automatically converted into machine-readable data, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in healthcare workflows.

With innovative solutions from PaperCut and etherFAX, the ACDI team is committed to providing a secure environment for healthcare professionals to exchange, extract, and integrate data. It’s our mission to empower organizations to enhance productivity and increase value with real, tangible benefits. The future of healthcare document exchange is here, and it’s powered by PaperCut, etherFAX, and ACDI.

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