A brand new cloud platform to remotely support and manage printing.


 licensing, visibility, and reminders

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Remote management PaperCut 

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Remote health monitoring and alerting


Customer product usage insight

A better way to support and manage printing for all your PaperCut customers.



We utilize this tool with our school districts

They rely on us to log in and check settings, pull reports and make adjustments to the MFDs. This has been a great tool to utilize instead of contacting an IT individual as they have been super busy ever since this pandemic started, so they have been looking to us to make repairs unassisted.

Chris Kennedy  |  Network Sales Specialist

One view, all customers

All of your customers at your fingertips! PaperCut Multiverse works with: PaperCut MF, NG, and Hive*, all hosting environments, and Older versions** of MF too!

Set up secure remote connections without worrying about complex VPN, firewall considerations. Remotely manage PaperCut and MFD admin pages when you need to take action.

Streamlined license management

Get visibility of customer licenses, set expiry reminders and sync connected customers* to streamline account management.

Less surprises, more stability

Take advantage of remote health status monitoring and alerts to maximize uptime and keep an eye on stability.

Take advantage of remote health status monitoring and alerts to maximize uptime and keep an eye on stability.

Add value with customer insight

This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product or service. How can you benefit them?

Scaled IT Services

Start, grow and scale your IT services – Let us help you proactively assist your customers with our remote monitoring and management tools. Take advantage of zero-hassle remote support to improve the productivity of your team and reduce the need for customer site visits.

The Information Center

  • Collateral to help onboard and reassure your customers
  • In-depth info on security and data handling
  • FAQs & how-to’s
  • The latest up-to-date info

PaperCut Resources

PaperCut MF has an extensive list of features and functionalities to cut waste, track printing, and save money.

We’re here to help.

We know it’s a lot to take in all at once and that questions are inevitable. Please reach out – we love talking about how our solutions will streamline your business processes regarding security, cost savings, accountability, accessibility, analytics, and more.

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