ACDI & PaperCut Promote Print Management Solutions at BTA National Conference

With a rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and a legacy of arts, culture, and education, Boston has something for everyone. For ACDI and PaperCut, the heart of New England recently provided an opportunity to showcase the future of print management at the 2023 Business Technology Association (BTA) National Conference. As a proud supporter of the BTA and its mission to serve dealers, manufacturers, distributors, and service companies, ACDI sponsored the jam-packed event. Featuring vendor panels, breakout sessions, and educational workshops, the BTA National Conference was the ideal setting for our team to connect with dealers and members from across the country alongside our partners from PaperCut.

Highlighting Innovative Print Management Solutions

Joined by PaperCut Strategic Partner Manager Laura Rather and Global Sales & Technical Training Specialist Shilpa Shankar, the ACDI team was delighted to spend the BTA National Conference showcasing our leading print management solution, PaperCut MF. With mobile and BYOD printing, automated print queues, and convenient print release, it fits with any print environment and includes custom configurations that allow seamless business processes. PaperCut MF makes it simple for organizations of all shapes and sizes to control costs, report usage, and promote responsible printing.

Among the highlights shared during the conference, PaperCut MF provides unparalleled print flexibility for hybrid employees, which has become increasingly common in today’s business landscape. Mobility Print and its Cloud Print feature make it easy for users to open up BYOD printing for flexibility between home and office workspaces. With a wide range of innovative features and capabilities backed by award-winning support, it was clear for all attendees that ACDI and PaperCut are the ideal choice for print management solutions.

Learning & Growing From In-Depth Conference Sessions

While we certainly left our mark, the ACDI and PaperCut teams weren’t the only stars in attendance at this year’s BTA National Conference. Mike Eruzione set the stage for the event with an incredible keynote address featuring insights into leadership and teamwork. Eruzione is best known as the captain of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” U.S. Olympic hockey team, but he left all attendees with words of wisdom that can be applied to countless aspects of life and business.

“It’s the little things that separate good businesses from great businesses. The people that are successful are the ones that make sacrifices. A true test of a team and your character is how you respond when your back is against the wall. Each and every one of us gets an opportunity in life; it’s about what you do with that opportunity that counts.”

Applied Innovation President and CEO John Lowery and COO Casey Lowery delivered the closing Educational Session on the first day of the conference, sharing how they uncovered their purpose, why they do what they do, and how they developed their organization’s corporate culture. Known as “Applied Chemistry,” Applied Innovation’s culture allows them to promote their values while creating an outstanding environment for their employees to work within. Led by this corporate culture and a melding of the minds between two generations of Lowery leadership, Applied Innovation has grown to 14 locations across four different states with more than 500 employees over the last 35 years. The emphasis on purpose and culture, a priority shared by our team at ACDI, provided a blueprint for all attendees to follow within their own organizations.

Other conference sessions included discussions and panels about building a successful business for the future of office print, empowering businesses through unified communications, making strides through diversification, and understanding the impact of megatrends on dealers and customers. Spearheaded by industry leaders in the business technology space, the sessions provided those in attendance with various strategies and ideas to consider implementing, along with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to close out the year strong. Following an awesome week in Boston, the ACDI team looks forward to continued support of the BTA and its mission. We’re already counting down the days until the upcoming Fall Colors Retreat in October!

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