Celebrating Collaboration with ACDI Energy Services Partners

The final months of 2023 proved to be an exciting time for the ACDI Energy Services team. From experiencing the ups and downs of what it means to travel cross-country in an electric vehicle to announcing an expanded EV charging station portfolio, there was no shortage of notable landmarks. The recent trip to Cleveland for Lincoln Electric’s ribbon cutting ceremony and official entry into the growing EV charging market also provided an opportunity for our team to engage with ACDI Energy Services authorized resellers in the surrounding area through sales training, product updates, and co-selling on customer calls. The authorized reseller network is the cornerstone of our mission to make electrification accessible to everyone, and these meetings were an inspiring experience for all parties to reinforce that goal.

Connecting with Authorized Resellers

At ACDI Energy Services, we believe the charging station infrastructure in North America is ready to be built, implemented, and maintained by our partners, and we are committed to supplying smart EV charging stations, professional services, and software support to our authorized reseller network throughout this endeavor. Our team’s visit to the Midwest provided an ideal setting for collaborating with partners about our mission and the opportunities that exist to simplify EV charging for commercial, fleet, and residential environments.

With the electric vehicle infrastructure market projected to grow to $100 billion by 2040, the excitement about being at the forefront of the EV revolution was evident in every conversation with resellers. A future filled with electric vehicles is on the horizon, and the ACDI Energy Services authorized reseller network recognizes the need for a sustainable infrastructure to make widespread EV adoption possible. Our partners have a demonstrated history of providing and supporting innovative solutions, and it was clear during our recent meetings, they believe EV charging stations represent a new and exhilarating way to serve their customers.

Exciting Opportunities with New Manufacturer Partners

Another highlight of our visits was emphasizing the value of Autel Energy and Lincoln Electric as manufacturer partners for ACDI Energy Services and what their additions mean for our resellers. Autel Energy has been a staple of the automotive products and services industry since 2004, while Lincoln Electric recently joined the fray after more than a century of proving itself as the global leader in arc welding and cutting. In both cases, these relationships with leading providers of intelligent automotive products and services represent exciting opportunities to drive differentiation and revenue for ACDI Energy Services authorized resellers.

Our team was proud to explore with our partners the possibilities to connect their customers to a more sustainable future with these transcendent EV charging stations from Autel Energy and Lincoln Electric, including Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers for home and commercial implementation. With these industry titans now on board, the future is bright for ACDI Energy Services and our authorized reseller network as we work hand in hand to provide solutions for the next generation of infrastructure.

Join the EV Revolution with ACDI Energy Services

Becoming a member of the ACDI Energy Services authorized reseller network is an opportunity to serve customers in an exciting new way. A 2022 study projects that the United States will need to install approximately 478 charging points every day for the next eight years to keep up with rising electric vehicle sales. Now is the time to differentiate your organization and drive sustainability initiatives that secure a promising future for all. From project consultation, contractor selection, and site assessment to installation and ongoing maintenance, ACDI Energy Services provides a clear process and playbook to ensure you and your customers have resources at every turn of the project and support once your stations are operational.

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