EV Charging Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Whether it’s met with excitement or disappointment by teachers and students, summer has come to an end and another school year has arrived. In addition to the influx of new students, a new school year also often brings upgraded facilities for many colleges and universities, including classroom renovations, new dormitories, or stadium expansions. While these are welcome additions to any campus, they aren’t the only upgrades that educational institutions should consider. With electric vehicle adoption continuing to soar each year, colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to tap into the rising wave of clean transportation while providing a valuable amenity and improving campus sustainability with EV charging stations.

Boost Student Recruitment

The average large college or university has approximately 45,000 students and many bring their own vehicles with them, while 85 percent of students commute to campus each day. With EV sales expected to increase by more than 800 percent in the next eight years, it’s only a matter of time before electric vehicles are flocking to campuses in droves from students and faculty alike. According to reports from EV Life, 60 percent of the millennial and Gen Z population is willing to pay more for sustainable products and services, meaning colleges and universities could be flooded with electric vehicles sooner rather than later. Educational institutions also often employ fleet vehicles for mail delivery or campus security patrol, and there are a number of rebates and incentives available for those who choose to embrace the EV revolution.

As the number of students and faculty driving electric vehicles grows in the coming years, hosting EV charging stations could play a major role in student recruitment for colleges and universities. Many students live on or near campus, and may not find alternative options for charging their electric vehicles without charging stations available at their college or university. Home charging is rarely an option for students with many living in dorms or apartments, so the lack of EV charging stations on campus could dispel interest in attending for the increasing population of EV drivers.

Inspire a Commitment to Sustainability

Colleges and universities are epicenters for innovation and progressive thinking and are known for championing environmental values. As the next generation of infrastructure, electric vehicle charging stations represent a campus-wide commitment to clean energy and sustainability. Educational institutions that invest in this opportunity could fuel a charge for countless others to follow, sparking sustainability efforts in their surrounding communities.

Think of large universities in the South such as Alabama, Georgia, and LSU, where local residents are passionate supporters of the school’s athletic programs and may otherwise be slow to make the switch to electric vehicles. If these schools were to launch EV charging stations on their campus or in the parking lots of stadiums and arenas, fans of the football, basketball, and baseball teams could then be inspired to join the EV revolution themselves. In time, that savvy decision by the university could lead to rapid electric vehicle adoption across the entire state.

Join the EV Revolution with ACDI Energy Services

As a division that solely focuses on power through clean energy and sustainability, ACDI Energy Services is committed to making EV charging effortless for residential and commercial environments. With proper planning and the right approach, we believe colleges and universities everywhere can take advantage of exciting opportunities in the growing space of EV chargers. That’s why we’re proud to offer a simple turn-key solution that drives differentiation and revenue for those looking to join the EV revolution. Contact our team to learn more about our industry-leading charging stations, professional services, and software support services.

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