EV Charging Solutions for Movie Theaters

After facing immense challenges brought about by the pandemic in recent years, movie theaters bounced back in a big way in 2023, with summer blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer leading the charge. Aided by a social media frenzy, the two films combined for more than $2.3 billion at the global box office, proving that movie theaters can still be relevant in a world seemingly dominated by Netflix, Hulu, and countless other streaming services. While popular films and star performers will continue to be the key to driving profits, movie theaters also have another opportunity to boost revenue as EV adoption continues to rise at a rapid pace. Much like country clubs and stadiums, movie theaters are an ideal location for electric vehicle charging stations, with drivers everywhere embracing the EV revolution.

Boost Revenue & Provide New Amenity for Customers

Major hits such as superhero sagas and the aforementioned Barbie and Oppenheimer can certainly move the needle, but movie theaters only receive approximately 40 percent of each ticket sold. That’s why many locations also boast a full menu of concessions and a variety of arcade games to help pay for overhead expenses. Hosting EV charging stations would provide movie theaters with another revenue generator as the number of customers arriving in electric vehicles grows in the coming years.

Approximately 80 percent of EV charging takes place at home or work, but drivers are still likely to utilize public charging stations when available, particularly when a longer dwell time is expected. With the average film being anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours in length, it would provide ample time for drivers to charge their electric vehicles while enjoying a movie. As electric vehicle adoption continues to rise across North America, filling the parking lot with a new amenity in the form of EV charging stations is the next step in driving attendance and revenue for movie theaters.

Inspire a Commitment to Sustainability

The growing number of drivers embracing the EV revolution represents more than just popularity for the latest technology trend; it signals that people everywhere are committed to the next generation of infrastructure and supporting a shared vision for a more sustainable future. As a weekend hot spot and the premier source of entertainment in many areas, movie theaters have a unique opportunity to champion clean energy in their communities by deploying EV charging stations.

Given that many of the world’s most prominent actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Brad Pitt, are also steadfast advocates of green initiatives and sustainability, movie theaters with EV charging stations can join the movement alongside the stars they showcase while providing an example for surrounding businesses to follow. When one movie theater offers this valuable amenity to its customers, it’s sure to spark interest in local restaurants, shopping centers, and other locations to do the same. Eventually, one bold decision could inspire the rest of the community, the state, or even the entire country to support sustainable energy options with EV charging stations.

Add EV Charging to Your Location with ACDI Energy Services

As a division that solely focuses on power through clean energy and sustainability, ACDI Energy Services is committed to making EV charging effortless for commercial environments. With the right tools and resources, along with a number of rebates and incentives available, we believe movie theaters everywhere can capitalize on the booming opportunities within the EV charging space. That’s why we simplify the process with a simple turn-key solution that drives differentiation and revenue. Contact our team today to learn more about our industry-leading charging stations, professional services, and software support services.

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