The KPAX Liberty Box and How it’s Made

The KPAX Liberty Box and How it’s Made

Quoted By ACDI’s Executive Director of Business Development – Mark Hart

Once in a blue moon, a new piece of technology enters our industry and changes the way we do business.  Next in the ring is the KPAX Liberty box by Bluemega. Gone are the days of sending out a technician to gather meter reads because the customer turned off the PC with the fleet management data collector installed.  KPAX Liberty was explicitly designed to ease the burden for meter read collecting.  

Other fleet management companies have taken the path of least resistance by installing standard data collectors on a raspberry pi minicomputer.  Shortcuts sound efficient until you look into the security risks associated with minicomputers. Standard data collectors are vulnerable to many known cyber-attacks; it’s like placing a ticking time bomb at the customer’s location if not adequately managed.  

The Bluemega development team thrives on differentiation, so they created a “curious little one” piece of hardware they call KPAX Liberty.  This hardware piece doesn’t have an operating system, doesn’t require anti-virus software, and doesn’t need to be monitored for updates. It’s a hardware data collector the size of a Cassette tape that collects meter reads. Pretty simple, right?  

So those French Alps and their famous Alpine Skiing can step aside and give way to a small village with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility turning out KPAX liberty boxes by the thousands.   

Want to see more??  Check out our video on how they are made…   

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