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What is PrintHub?

​An easy to connect, easy to set up print server solution with PaperCut MF pre-installed. It gives your clients the freedom to control printing without having to buy expensive server hardware.

Why is it needed?

Small business owners don’t have the time or money to fiddle with complex technology. With limited IT expertise, it’s hard to set up your network like some of the largest companies in the world. PrintHub is a solution for small businesses with little or no resources or budget for enterprise level hardware.


The PrintHub print server solution comes pre-configured to act as a print server for any office without one. It hosts print queues, users, and PaperCut MF. Easy use and quick set up makes it a breeze for businesses to manage.


Use PaperCut MF print management software to track and control printing. Hold jobs until released and set up BYOD printing with Mobility Print. Give users the freedom to print from any device to any printer on the network.


With PaperCut MF and the PrintHub, setup internal users or import users from a directory service like Active Directory, LDAP, Apple OpenDirectory, and more. Publish printers across many subnets and manage drivers from one server.*

*Additional hardware may be needed and limitations may apply if using PaperCut’s Mobility Print feature. See Spec Sheet for more information.



The PrintHub is well suited for customers with fewer users, no print server, no DNS server, and no domain controller.

Best Market Fits


Buildings with different offices sharing printers have a hard time tracking usage. With no way to know who printed what, there’s no way to bill each company or user as needed. The PrintHub makes it easy for co-working and shared office spaces to finally track printing.


Lawyers and paralegals handle many cases from day to day, each with their own printing needs. These firms operate with lean IT staff and leaner infrastructure. Install PaperCut MF with the PrintHub to help track prints and bill clients for usage.


Most businesses with fewer than 50 employees have a single IT guy on staff who’s trying to hold it all together. Keeping operating systems licensed and updated can cost a lot of money and time. The PrintHub is an affordable solution that’s easy to support and helps SMBs save money.


What are the pre-installation requirements?

Internal network, networked printer.

How is this product installed?

Hardware is shipped with PaperCut MF installed.

Who supports the product?

Hardware: ACDI for 1 year
Software: ACDI – Terms of PSD support purchased

Maintenance & Support Plus

We support you.

We simplify complex technology to ensure your customers have access to flexible solutions. ACDI Professional Services helps to align your clients’ needs and goals with their architecture.

Get started with ACDI PrintHub today.

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