Sync connects your PaperCut Hive data securely with Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Desktop is a tool that transforms data into interactive visual representations and actionable insights. Sync connects the Power of Tableau and PaperCut Hive data, allowing you to easily spot trends, identify opportunities and make decisions that help drive your business.

Get connected with Sync!

It's your PaperCut Hive data, just better.

Discover your top users based on their print activity, such as who prints the most overall, along with who utilizes duplex and grayscale vs single-sided and color. It’s all available in our plug-and-play pre-designed dashboards.

There's only ROI

We’re glad you brought it up! The good news is that if you have PaperCut Hive and Tableau, you have already invested! Sync is a free add-on that can be connected through the PaperCut Hive dashboard under the manage tab. It’s that easy to start viewing the kind of data visualization, that helps you tell a better story. It helps everyone in the company understand and act on data insights quicker and more efficiently.

Sync for Tableau will leverage Tableau Desktop’s built-in web data connector. It creates a unique URL for Tableau Desktop to connect to your PaperCut Hive data using a secure HTTPS connection. All data is transmitted over HTTPS and will only pass through the Sync connector and will never be stored on ACDI servers. It’s security like you would expect, and insight like you can’t believe.

Support when it matters most | 7am to 6pm cst. Monday – Friday

ACDI sets the standard for support and service while ensuring the software solutions you buy work when you’re ready to work. When developing and supporting add-ons to connect your existing data in one convenient location, the same guarantee still applies. 

We pride ourselves on the service and support that we provide and Sync is no exception. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure connectivity between Tableau and PaperCut Hive so you can strategically view the data you rely upon. 

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