ACDI Energy Services Adds Universal Business Solutions as New Reseller Partner

BENTON, Ark. — ACDI Energy Services is pleased to announce the addition of Universal Business Solutions as an authorized reseller of its electric vehicle (EV) products.

ACDI Energy Services offers a path to capitalize on the accelerated demand for electric vehicles and the need for a sustainable infrastructure to support that growth. This partnership provides Universal Business Solutions with an opportunity to enrich its offering to customers by adding EV charging products, including charging stations, software, analytics, support, and financing options.

“We’re thrilled to announce Universal Business Solutions as the newest partner in our ACDI Energy Services authorized reseller network. Our team is passionate about establishing a North American network of charging stations, and this partnership represents another step toward that goal.”

Based in Odessa, Florida, Universal Business Solutions defines its value proposition to its customers by uncovering problems and challenges, consulting and evaluating options, then delivering on solutions that enhance productivity while positively impacting its clients’ bottom line. Its extensive catalog includes copiers and printers, folder inserters, postage meters, smart lockers, EV charging stations, and more, offering diverse solutions to meet various business needs.

“In this ever-changing business environment today, a company needs to offer a single source solution for products and services, that ‘one stop shop’ to keep that loyalty with their clients. People still enjoy having a relationship with their vendors and by adding the EV charging stations from ACDI Energy Services, UBS has found another valuable way to continue relationship selling while helping America to build an infrastructure of EV charging stations and contributing to clean energy around the world. We are proud to be a part of ACDI and their footsteps into the future.”

With a thriving network of authorized resellers, ACDI Energy Services is focused on adding power to the growing EV market that supports clean and sustainable energy options. It is committed to making EV charging effortless for commercial, fleet, and residential environments through a combination of hardware, software, and maintenance offerings.

“Universal Business Solutions shares our excitement about the growing space of electric vehicles and the next generation of infrastructure to support it. With a commitment to supply EV charging stations, professional services, and software support, we look forward to working together to make EV charging a simple process for businesses, fleets, and retail settings.”

Electric vehicle adoption continues to rise as drivers everywhere prioritize sustainable transportation options. Through this partnership, ACDI Energy Services and Universal Business Solutions are committed to making electrification accessible to everyone.

About ACDI

Since 1994, office equipment suppliers have trusted Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI) to provide industry-leading capture, print management, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and cost-recovery solutions to streamline office technology and the document lifecycle. From hardware payment solutions, proximity card readers, and EV charging stations to digital workflow automation, fleet management, and analytics software, ACDI’s extensive portfolio pairs seamlessly with its industry-leading project coordination, installation, marketing, and sales expertise. These solutions drive efficiency and productivity for thousands of organizations across education, healthcare, government, and beyond through global channel distribution and development partnerships with the most prominent copier and printer manufacturers. For more information, visit

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