Becoming an authorized ACDI Energy reseller is an opportunity to serve customers in an exciting new way.

With a full line of EV charging products, our reseller partners provide chargers, software, analytics, support, service, and financing options to customers and receive the full support of ACDI’s award-winning service team to make sure each sale also means a seamless, turnkey installation.

From project consultation, contractor selection, and site assessment to installation and ongoing maintenance, ACDI Energy provides a clear process and playbook to assure you and your customers have resources at every turn of the project and support once your stations are operational. 

What's the Potential?

We know that with new ventures, you also want to fully understand the true opportunity for growth. According to Grand View Research, the EV charging infrastructure market will be worth $217.06 billion by 2030. Additionally, the latest buying trends suggest that consumers are 60%more likely to purchase from organizations that consider themselves environmentally conscious and make moves toward sustainability. 

Layer the market growth with billions of dollars available from government incentives, now is the time to differentiate your organization and drive sustainability initiatives that secure a promising future for all. 

By 2030, the EV charging infrastructure market will be worth $217 BILLION!

-Grand View Research

Consumers are 60% more likely to purchase from environmentally conscious organizations.

U.S. government rebate programs offer more than $7.5 BILLION in funding for EV infrastructure.


We are ready to get started with you! We also know it’s a lot to take in all at once and that questions are inevitable. Please reach out – we love talking about how our solutions will streamline your business processes regarding security, cost savings, accountability, accessibility, analytics, and more.

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