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EV Charging for Everyone, Everywhere

We know that the use cases for EV charging stations vary across businesses, institutions, geographies, and residential communities. ACDI Energy provides partners with options for every charging need.

Multifamily Housing


A network of charging stations will be a welcome sight as EV adoption continues to rise across the country, but approximately 80% of EV charging happens at home. EV charging stations represent a valuable amenity for residents along with a commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

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Medical Centers


From hospitals and clinics to physical therapy and dentist offices, medical centers are recognized as leaders committed to the public well-being of their communities. Deploying EV charging stations provides an exciting new way to supplement healthy practices with a sustainable amenity for patients, employees, and visitors.

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Hotels & Resorts

Remain ahead of the curve

Comfortable beds and continental breakfast are nice perks, but the future of hotel and resort amenities lives in the parking lot. With electric vehicle adoption on the rise everywhere, EV charging stations offer a path to more guests and increased revenue for hospitality properties.

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Arenas & Stadiums

Entertain and electrify crowds

From concert tours and stage plays to baseball games and festivals, arenas and stadiums welcome thousands of fans for a wide range of exciting events each year. These venues have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the clean transportation trend with EV charging stations as fans typically spend hours on site during visits.

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Higher Education


Educational institutions are epicenters for innovation and progressive thinking and are known for championing environmental values. Universities and colleges are uniquely positioned to tap into the rising wave of clean transportation while providing a valuable amenity and improving campus sustainability.

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Shopping Centers

Become a Go-To destination for More Customers

EVs are quickly becoming a primary form of transportation for shoppers worldwide, and as a retailer, you can capitalize on the clean transportation trend. Becoming a go-to destination for shopping and charging can put you ahead of the curve when it comes to providing amenity options that keep shoppers on the property longer.

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We know it’s a lot to take in all at once and that questions are inevitable. Please reach out – we love talking about how our solutions will streamline your business processes regarding security, cost savings, accountability, accessibility, analytics, and more.

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