Get Better Efficiency with PaperCut Integrations

Get Better Efficiency with PaperCut Integrations

There are many different integration technologies that are available with PaperCut. Let’s talk about a few important features and ways for it to be helpful. Business Intelligence is an emerging technology and we’re finding more and more requests to get even more data with what PaperCut gathers from printing, copying, and scanning. Let’s go over these efficiencies. 

Payment gateways for example allow an end-user, perhaps a student, to transfer real money into their virtual account inside of PaperCut so they can be charged for print, copy and scan activity. PayPal is one popular example of a payment gateway.

Then there are Accounting systems, popular in business and law firms to automate the process of applying the PaperCut print, copy, and scan jobs to a department, facility, client, or project. Then importing it into an external system such as ProLaw, PCLaw, Juris, FilePro, Quickbooks, and many more. With these integrations, account information flows from one system to the other.

Payment Kiosks or terminals – Perhaps your use case requires physical money to be deposited in the PaperCut virtual account. Many libraries and Universities still require this due to legal requirements to accept cash or it is in a community setting. This is at the core of what ACDI does and has been doing for 25 years now.

ACDI is also one of the largest RFIdeas distributors in the nation and that brings us to access card readers. Integrations can include door security access databases so we can use the existing data there with PaperCut to authenticate the user at the MFP with a contactless card of some kind. Very important in today’s world of not wanting to touch anything. Combine that with an automatic release of print jobs and all the users will have to touch is their printout at the exit tray! Or if biometrics are desired, fingerprint readers are also available.

Then there are other miscellaneous integrations that are prebuilt and ready to go with PaperCut. Things like MyPC, this is a software that provides complete control over shared computer resource use, popular in libraries where authentication needs to come from a public library’s Library Management System.

Shared Office or co-working spaces have become popular lately and software has been created to help manage those environments. Naturally, printing comes into play and PaperCut can integrate into these systems for easy bill back to the tenants. Nexudus comes to mind and they even built the connector so you see a software manufacturer taking advantage of PaperCut APIs to develop an integration into their software which allows them to co-exist in a coworking space.

How’s that for efficiency!

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