Law Firms’ Print Management Balancing Act

Law Firms’ Print Management Balancing Act

In law offices and other client-centric organizations, productivity, cost of ownership, and protecting profitability are top concerns. Firms struggle to strike the right balance between empowering employees to service their clients’ needs while tracking their activity to ensure expenses accurately. With gaps in document workflows occurring, too many disparate systems and a lack of firm-wide visibility into actions lead to inconsistent end-user experiences, high costs of document-related resources, and outdated technology. Gaining control over cost recovery efforts can remove these gaps through a set of cloud-based, consolidated, and integrated systems.

There was a time when offices had a central server located nearby with a WAN or LAN, and documents circulated with ease between all who were authorized to have access to that central server. These days the world is more mobile. Salespeople, Attorneys, and people in many roles and positions are out on the road or traveling, keeping the company flourishing as they do. This mobility has brought up a new need in a way not limited to the office setting.

Document production and cost recovery practices have also evolved, and today’s law offices can gain control over document expenses. Comprehensive print management is attainable to meet deadlines, budgets, and ensure it all remains confidential and protected, while still being able to keep track of client-chargeable printing.

Ponemon Institute research shows that the average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is more than $3.9 million. The value for a single record? $150; each data breach averages nearly 26,000 records. That would be an ENORMOUS cut to your bottom line if this were to happen.

At a time when there are consistent requests to do more with less, any opportunity to cut costs, yet still increase the reach of your budget, is a welcomed solution. Printing costs can add up if you don’t keep a close eye on everyone’s printing habits. More importantly, it seems ironic that in an increasingly digital world, printing should play a vital role in every business’s document security strategy. Your legal expertise isn’t the only thing that goes into client matters, and there’s a lot of costly printing to recoup as well. Retrieving files quickly and reliably is crucial to staying efficient and focusing on the best client experience possible.

In most, if not all organizations today, we are forced to meet strict compliance and confidentiality requirements across every business facet every day, so why not execute more efficiently and securely. Check out ACDI + PaperCut’s products for the solution.

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