Lincoln Electric Energizes EV Charging Landscape

Widely recognized for its manufacturing and engineering prowess in the field of welding equipment since 1895, Lincoln Electric refuses to stop innovating. More than 125 years later, the production titan has joined the booming electric vehicle charging space with the industry’s first American-designed and American-made DC fast charger. Known as the Velion, the charger leverages Lincoln Electric’s demonstrated experience designing, testing, and building high-quality industrial equipment that has stood the test of time. Supporting the newest manufacturer partner for ACDI Energy Services EV products, our team recently had the pleasure of attending a ribbon cutting ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio to mark Lincoln Electric’s official entry into the emerging electric vehicle charging market.

What it Means for Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric’s status as the global leader in arc welding and cutting is well documented, but the launch of EV charging stations represents a new venture for the manufacturing behemoth. Recognizing the need for durable and reliable charging stations to make widespread EV adoption possible, Lincoln Electric sees the undertaking as a natural fit for its team of industry-leading experts.

“For 128 years, Lincoln Electric has used our manufacturing and engineering expertise and spirit of innovation to produce rugged, reliable industrial power equipment that withstands extreme conditions and keeps industries running,” said Steve Sumner, VP of Corporate Innovation at Lincoln Electric. “The new Velion DC fast charger is engineered with the same durability and reliability across a wide range of harsh operating conditions that we are known for in our other businesses.”

The presence of Lincoln Electric in the EV charging landscape also serves as a significant step toward achieving goals from the Biden-Harris Administration aimed at creating a convenient, reliable, and Made-in-America electric vehicle charging network. Accelerated demand for electric vehicles will require installation of 1.4 million charging ports, and Lincoln Electric is committed to doing its part.

“We’re leveraging our proven skills and extensive American manufacturing capabilities to significantly advance the critical infrastructure that’s needed to grow the U.S. EV market,” Sumner said. “With U.S. innovation and American workers, we are helping achieve the Biden Administration’s goals.”

What it Means for EV Drivers

As anyone that has ever embarked on an EV road trip can attest, the current state of public charging stations can be particularly frustrating for drivers across the country. Broken or unavailable charging stations is a far too common problem facing many EV drivers, but Lincoln Electric is looking forward to redefining the reliability of EV charging.

“I’ve seen where one of the big problems nationally is unreliable chargers; so many times they’re broken down, they don’t work, and people complain about it,” said Ohio Lt. Gov. John Husted. “It has been a factor in halting EV adoption in many ways, but Lincoln Electric knows how to make things tough, reliable, and durable. I know that this new EV charger is going to change that narrative and create more confidence in the industry.”

Durability concerns are a thing of the past with the introduction of Lincoln Electric’s Velion DC fast charger. It was designed with industrial-grade components, providing output power of up to 150 kW with a charging efficiency of 95 percent.

Many EV charging stations are also susceptible to adverse weather conditions, but Lincoln Electric is prepared to face those challenges head on. The Velion was engineered for durability across a wide range of harsh outdoor operating conditions, including a temperature range of -31° F to 122° F.

“It’s great to celebrate American manufacturing meeting the moment to create a national charging network that is affordable, reliable, convenient, equitable, and safe,” said Sarah Hipel, Standards and Reliability Program Manager for the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. “With the dedication and innovation of companies like Lincoln Electric, I feel certain that we can meet the urgent need to transform our transportation sector.”

What it Means for ACDI Energy Services

As a division solely focusing on power through clean energy and sustainability, ACDI Energy Services is committed to making EV charging effortless for commercial, fleet, and residential environments. Fueled by a network of authorized resellers, we believe the charging station infrastructure in North America is ready to be built, implemented, and maintained by our partners.

“Lincoln Electric shares our excitement about the growing space of electric vehicles and the next generation of infrastructure to support it,” said Mark Hart, Vice President of Business Development at ACDI. “With a proven track record of technological advancement and innovation, Lincoln Electric will make an incredible addition to the ACDI Energy Services portfolio as we progress toward our goal of establishing a North American network of charging stations.”

The addition of Lincoln Electric signals the expansion of our relationships with the world’s leading providers of intelligent automotive products and services. Our team is proud to have Lincoln Electric by our side as we continue to embrace the EV revolution and provide solutions for the next generation of infrastructure. 

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