Powering Up the Future: ACDI Energy Services Electrifies ISDA Meeting

More than 50 years after its inception, the ISDA Annual Meeting continues to serve as an ideal setting for networking and training opportunities for the ISDA Dealer Network and its business partners. With 38 member firms located throughout North America, the ISDA Network is devoted to providing and installing storage and office systems and solutions for education, business, healthcare, industry, and governmental agencies at all levels and sizes. For the second year in a row, ACDI Energy Services had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring the ISDA Annual Meeting as our team and the network’s members work hand-in-hand to grow our customer bases and revenues together.

Exciting Opportunities in the EV Charging Space

Known as a setting for oceanfront escapes and weekend getaways, the Opal Grand Resort was instead a hub of innovation during the recent ISDA Annual Meeting as members and business partners alike descended upon Delray Beach, Florida for a week filled with collaboration and trailblazing. Following introductory speeches from ISDA Executive Director Jim D’Emidio and Sales Octane founder Jim Ryerson, ACDI Vice President of Business Development Mark Hart had the opportunity to deliver the first presentation of the event.

Aiming to educate and inspire attendees with the ACDI Energy Services mission, Mark provided an inside look at the state of the EV charging industry and the vast potential that still awaits ISDA members to connect their customers with solutions for the next generation of infrastructure. Electric vehicle sales have nearly tripled since 2021 with more than 1.6 million sold in the United States in 2023, highlighting the growing commitment to a sustainable future and the dire need for EV charging stations that ACDI Energy Services and its authorized reseller network are looking to fill.

Strengthening Partnerships with the ISDA Network

Building off the excitement from Mark’s presentation, our team looked forward to a chance to speak with members of the ISDA Network in a uniquely intimate setting. Unlike the traditional passive trade show traffic model, this event featured speed networking sessions which gave ACDI Energy Services Sales Director Damian Cairns and Media Relations Coordinator Zach Parker the opportunity to connect and engage with dealers and salespeople on an individual basis.

Damian provided a deep dive into the ACDI Energy Services software, the lifeblood of our devices, while Zach discussed the email campaigns, use cases, and other valuable marketing materials available for use by our partners. With each conversation, it became clear to our team that savvy dealers have recognized the potential within the burgeoning space of EV charging and they are eager to collaborate with ACDI Energy Services. The authorized reseller network is the cornerstone of our mission to make electrification accessible to everyone, and the ISDA Annual Meeting was an inspiring experience for all in attendance to reinforce that goal.

Join the EV Revolution with ACDI Energy Services

Becoming a member of the ACDI Energy Services authorized reseller network is an opportunity to serve customers in an exciting new way. A 2022 study projects that the United States will need to install approximately 478 charging points every day for the next eight years to keep up with rising electric vehicle sales. Now is the time to differentiate your organization and drive sustainability initiatives that secure a promising future for all. From project consultation, contractor selection, and site assessment to installation and ongoing maintenance, ACDI Energy Services provides a clear process and playbook to ensure you and your customers have resources at every turn of the project and support once your stations are operational.

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