Cut waste, lower costs and make business easier for you and your staff.

2 %
U.S. Companies Consider Paper Very Important to Business
2 %
Organizations Have Digital Paperless Processes
$ B
2016 – 2017 expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools –Projected NCES

Manage Printing With Ease

Empower team productivity and get down to business. PaperCut MF is the easy way to take control over your costs and secure customer data. Maximize uptime, setup BYOD printing, and create smarter print policies.


Instantly see who, what, when, where, how, and why users are printing.

Cost Savings

Cut waste and improve your bottom line with one simple solution.


Print from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Find peace of mind with customer-conscious security features.

“The thing about PaperCut is that, over the years, we have learned to look at the ‘whole package’ – product, service levels and people – and whilst PaperCut NG shines with a great product, it’s the people and the personal touch that have really made a difference.”
– Greg Morley, Bullock Construction

Pay for Print Solutions

Pass on the cost of printing to users with our coin-op solutions. Charge for prints, copies, scans, and faxes with every type of payment. Use coins, bills, credit/debit cards, or mobile payments.

Integrates with PaperCut MF

Let users pay for printing once their PaperCut MF balance is empty.

Flexible Pricing

Charge custom rates for black & white, color, paper sizes, and more.

Easy to Use

Give users the power to pay on their own with no need for extra staff.

ADA Compliant

Configure the RSX1000 kiosk to be compliant with ADA standards.

Access Control with Card Readers

Use your existing card system for more than physical security. Our prox card readers are ideal for error-free identification for over 300 million prox cards worldwide. 


Easily install prox card readers with no additional software required.

Fit for All Environments

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Versatile Mounting Options

Place your card reader on kiosks, monitors, time clocks, and more.

One-Stop Shop

Get your card readers and your cards sourced from ACDI.

Secure Access With Just One Touch

Control access to your documents and devices using innovative fingerprint scanning technology.

PaperCut Integration

Seamless integration with PaperCut MF.

Multifactor Authentication

Authentication through fingerprint.


Simple & quick for users.


Compatible with a range of popular devices.

Solve your biggest problems with ACDI solutions.

Our software engineers install high-quality solutions with ease so you don’t have to.
Get more out of your data with custom connections to your existing software.
Our industry expertise in technical support and service sets us apart.

Where do we go from here?

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