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KPAX reinvents the management of printer and multifunctional copier fleets.

What is KPAX you ask?

A centralized fleet management solution for multi-brand office printing and copying hardware.

From a single interface, you can access MFP device information regardless of the number of sites, the number of customers, or the number of machines. KPAX optimizes the management of your MPS program to reduce the fleet's operating costs, improve service quality and develop new revenue opportunities.


Fleet Management at your Fingertips


  • Automatic meter reading and feedback
  • Reduce time spent obtaining information to bill
  • Improve the quality of billing data


  • Automate delivery triggering
  • Reduce customer cartridge inventories (CPP contracts)
  • Limit early cartridge replacement

Technical Management

  • Diagnose before sending a technician
  • Send the technician with the right part
  • Limit and optimize the technician’s movements


  • Statistics & customized reports
  • Develop sales opportunities
  • Identify necessary changes within the fleet
  • Detect business opportunities


Pay only for the information you want to see.

KPAX Koins allow you to adapt the price of the device depending on the level of information you need (meters, supplies, technical alerts) and thus scale the price you pay for a device.

KPAX Koins

Device Information Levels

Billing Management

Information on all available counters

Page volume, statistics and graphical reports

Supply Management

Information about the status of ink and parts to automate renewal

Information on the cartridges: serial number, part number, capacity, first use date, last use date, estimated remaining pages, full description

Technical Management

Information about messages on the LCD panel

Technical alerts of the equipment

Remote access to the machine’s web pages to perform all the maintenance operations available on the machine

KPAX Liberty

Liberty allows you to simplify the implementation and maintenance of agents in poorly adapted client environments. The Liberty stand-alone box reduces the time technicians spend managing collection agents.

"Those KPAX Liberty boxes are awesome.
The ability to configure them via a cell phone and
not have to touch a client's PC is impressive."

Andrew Butts - Service Operations
Document Strategies.

Software Data Collector

The KPAX software data collector agent is a piece of software that is installed on a Windows environment (preferably server or user workstation) with connectivity to the printing systems. KPAX software data collector agent runs as a Windows® service allowing it to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a closed session.

Web Access Portal

Offer new services and improve sales with the business intelligence web portal

  • Changes in volumes (day, month, year)
  • Prediction engine and activity peaks
  • Dashboards for a steering committee
  • Environmental impact
  • On or underuse of equipment
  • Fleet audit
  • Overview of the entire fleet or by customer

Third-Party Software Integration

KPAX is the most versatile fleet management solution on the market today. It was created “by design” to integrate with today’s popular third-party software applications.

Integrate KPAX with the most popular ERP systems of the market today, |  OEM ERP software | Ticketing system software | End user internal software | Asset Management software Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) | Any relevant third party software 

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