Kristal Cook Shares 6 Steps to Success:

Kristal Cook Shares 6 Steps to Success:

6. Connect with ACDI on Social Media Platforms

ACDI’s FacebookTwitter, & LinkedIn help you stay up to date on the latest feature releases, webinars, and resources.

5. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

People like video because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging.  ACDI’s YouTube channel is a resource that you can use every day for your team or your customers.  Access training videos, new feature updates, case studies, and more!

4. Take advantage of PaperCut’s Fully Functional 40 Day Trial*

Increase your chance of closing the sale!  PaperCut trials with ACDI result in a sale over 78% of the time!  We make it easy for the customer to take it for a spin.

3. Schedule training for your Sales Team

Sales Teams are your boots on the ground!  They need to be comfortable talking about the solutions they sell and up to date on new features.  ACDI’s PaperCut sales training is perfect for new reps and seasoned veterans alike.  PaperCut is a living product that is continually being updated, so take advantage of ACDI’s subject matter experts and schedule your training today.

2. Install your PaperCut NFR

Did you know that PaperCut offers an NFR license for your showroom?  Not only does it allow you to demo PaperCut to customers, but it also helps to familiarize your sales staff with different features of the software.  By requiring your team to use PaperCut in the office, they’ll become comfortable talking about PaperCut and explaining basic features such as Find Me Printing, Secure Print Release, and Authentication.

1. Update your Website

Consumers are making more informed decisions.  88% of consumers pre-search products and vendors online before making purchases.  Many have already made a buying decision before they contact a vendor.  PaperCut has over 102 million users and is growing fast.  This means that customers are asking for PaperCut by name and are looking for Certified PaperCut Resellers.  Let your customers know they do not need to look any further!  Ask Your ACDI Solutions Manager how they can help.

*Trials include 1 server and 2 MFDs.
custom software integrations, more than two embedded MFDs, installation on external databases, site server installation, payment gateway installation, coin/bill/credit devices or any other advanced configuration is not included.

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