The Impact of The Coronavirus on The Healthcare Industry: How ACDI & PaperCut Are Solving Your Unique Needs.

The Impact of The Coronavirus on The Healthcare Industry: How ACDI & PaperCut Are Solving Your Unique Needs.

The economic impact of the pandemic is undeniable. Much of the current focus in Healthcare is rightly on the current and future challenges of COVID-19. But beyond the current crisis, healthcare technology is already seeing significant changes that promise to become permanent realities from the sudden boom in telemedicine, regulatory shifts impacting healthcare billing, and the use of location data to track the disease. 

All humans are living in extraordinary and unprecedented times. And in these moments, Healthcare Technology Professionals need access to the best practices and strategies available. ACDI delivers services and support to many healthcare facilities already using PaperCut MF and is always looking for new and innovative ways to be better than yesterday. We want to help you recover from the disruption caused by COVID-19, and because of that, we are focused on giving a voice to innovative ideas within our teams. We are offering the highest quality advice and enabling the most compelling shared experiences possible throughout all ACDI. We know that this current crisis will accelerate the digital transformation, and the months ahead will be a challenge for everyone. Never has there been a more important time to unite and share stories. 

Healthcare has become the benchmark of how we approach navigating today’s difficult waters and prepare for the emerging new normal. These regulatory changes inevitably represent a significant shift in how healthcare will be delivered beyond 2020. From how facilities offer electronic record-keeping applications to screen COVID-19 patients, to the way they monitor symptom checklists. The top priorities are accessibility, accountability, cost savings, and security tracking for healthcare workers to receive and examine the data results. 

Health tech leaders globally are giving their insights into the COVID-19 crisis. The conversation is about the long-term implications for hospitals, clinicians, startups, patients, and health technology. It’s a well-known issue that 71% of physicians say that EHR systems contribute significantly to the issues within the processes, according to a 2018 survey from Stanford Medicine and Harris Poll. With increased challenges comes greater responsibility, ACDI understands how to help you circumvent those challenges. 

ACDI delivers the security needed to support the advancements that are sure to come out of the crisis and the software to keep costs low. The healthcare industry will be hit hard at the end of the crisis. A silver lining is that the focus going forward will confidently head in a fully mobile/remote direction. We want to see doctors use smartphones for patients just like they do in their everyday lives. That means handling messaging, reminders, and note-taking on a device in a secure way that’s connected to the health record. PaperCut’s high level of security features will become imperative for these facilities. The doctor, as the consumer, security, and managing tools that make tasks such as messaging and collaborating safer, will be essential. 

All technologies companies understand the need for an accessible, accountable, and secure platform. We understand the significance of helping all the facilities in the healthcare systems share data in the cloud. The COVID-19 crisis represents that actual test. ACDI has a framework that can help ensure user tracking tools, which will not only aid in cost recovery but also help departments be more accountable and secure!

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