Work You Didn’t Plan For…

Work You Didn’t Plan For…

If you’ve ever used Fleet Management Software for your Managed Print customers, this problem will be familiar to you. You installed the software as instructed on a workstation or server at the customer location. This allows the software access to the network where it finds the print devices and reports back to you the meters, supply levels and any technical issues. That worked great…for three months.

Then the customer calls to say their machine is out of toner. You’re puzzled because you should have gotten a notification from the software saying you’re out of toner. You didn’t. You check and realize that you haven’t gotten any information from the software installed at the customer’s office for 2 weeks. It turns out the workstation you installed the software on was replaced. You now have no management data for the last three weeks (how many more devices need toner?) a confused and unhappy customer; and to add insult to injury, you have the operational cost of sending a technician out to the customer site to re-install the software. If you think this scenario is both familiar and frustrating, rinse, lather and repeat for approximately 40% of your customers within the next 12 months.

Or, you could use KPAX. Its fleet management reimagined, and it features the Liberty hardware agent. No customer workstation or server required.

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