Saving the World…One Print Policy at a Time!

Saving the World…One Print Policy at a Time!

With PaperCut, you can control your cost and lighten your carbon footprint. While this may be something you care about as an organization, how do you get your employees to buy into that initiative? Often just putting something on their radar is enough to get their attention, but if it’s not, you may have it to take the next step.

Luckily, PaperCut offers the flexibility of various methods to ensure that your employees get the picture. Whether it needs to be a hard and fast rule or merely a suggestion, with PaperCut as your print management solution, you don’t have to choose.

Suppose your employees just need a simple reminder now and then. You can utilize the scripting option in that case, which adds helpful reminders like encouraging users to print in grayscale or duplex instead of single-sided. You can choose from our most commonly used scripts, or you can use advanced scripting!

Perhaps you have a group of employees who often use and abuse your devices. For those cases, we like to suggest restrictions and rules-based routing. The users can comply or simply not print; either way, you save money and hold them accountable.

By implementing print policies, whether it is ironclad or an attempt at suggestive behavior modification, your planet and CFO will thank you.

To find out more about implementing print policies within your organization, reach out to our incredible Sales Team!

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