Security, Accountability, Accessibility, and Cost Savings

PaperCut MF and Hive print management solutions create a waste-free, easy, and secure environment for your business or organization. As the largest distributor of PaperCut print management software worldwide, we help businesses like yours solve the most common pain points faced by today’s digital workplace. ACDI is your trusted source for technology to facilitate, track, and manage business processes.

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By 2030, up to 50% of new car sales will be electric vehicles.

Our goal is to provide a simple, turnkey solution that drives differentiation and revenue for our partners that want to be involved in the electric car revolution.


What's New in PaperCut 24?

The transition to PaperCut MF subscriptions (MF-S) and the unification of subscription pricing with PaperCut Hive present several benefits to you, such as enhancing your ability to meet customer needs, improve sales strategies, and foster long-term customer relationships.

The IDC MarketScape report provides an overview of today’s print management software market.

PaperCut Software and ACDI

A Solution for Every Organization

No two businesses are exactly alike, but if you provide print, copy, scan, and fax resources to your staff, you likely have the same pain points. Learn how ACDI and PaperCut offer solutions wrapped with services for organizations and businesses of all types. Below are just a few.

Knowing you have a problem is the first step...


Increase transparency and hold users accountable for their usage.


Ensure your organizational data never falls into the wrong hands.


Control organizational waste and misuse of print and copy resources.


Meet your users where they are with flexibility to print from anywhere.


Copiers and MFPs driving you crazy?

What if your car didn’t have a dashboard? You wouldn’t know how fast you’re going, right? Let PaperCut MF take your printing in the right direction.


"I would absolutely recommend PaperCut"

We measure success by what customers say about our services and products. Spoiler alert… they say a lot of good things!


Take your Business data to a visual level.

StoryBoard is a powerful platform for better productivity in your business. View real-time data in a way that’s easy to digest so you can take action.

Access Management

If you have recycle bins, you have security risks.

We offer a wide range of access management solutions to ensure your organization is secure at every point.

Pay for print

Flexible options for your pay-for-print environment.

Perfect for universities and libraries looking to offer pay-for-print services 

Professional services

You say you're not tech-savvy?

Well, you may not trust them with your car keys. But, if  you need help installing, configuring or troubleshooting any of our best-in-class software solutions, this is your go-to team.

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