2018 Year in Review: ACDI’s Best Moments

2018 Year in Review: ACDI’s Best Moments

We’re finally starting a new year! Today, you’re looking at – or reading about – a company that is quite different from what it was 12 months ago. Some things have changed but our core values are still the same:

1. Put people first

2. Give back to the community

3. Have a little fun

2018 has been an amazing ride for us and what better way to make memories than to look back on the highs of the past 365 days.

Here are the top 10 moments of 2018 that we’ll never want to forget:

Home sweet home!

Oct. 24, 2018, marked one full year at ACDI’s new headquarters in L.A. (Lower Arkansas.)

Yes, we enjoy working here every day but our favorite thing to do is welcome people to Benton from all over the world. We’ve had visitors from dozens of states, countries north and south of the border, and as far as Australia.

Haven’t been able to swing by yet? This drone footage should hold you over until you do.

Teaming up with PSIGEN Software, Inc.

“Exclusive distributor of PSIGEN products to the office equipment reseller channel in North and South America.”

That’s a fancy way of saying we joined forces with the world’s best document processing automation team. PSIGEN Software, Inc. gets us. Not only are they based in the South too, but they know how important it is to give businesses what they want.

Document capture and process automation software.


The Lakers, the Yankees, and ACDI all have one thing in common.

Back-to-back-to-back championships!

Okay, ours is less of a championship and more of an award for being the Best Software & Services Provider. This year we won our third consecutive Frank Award at the Cannata Report’s 33rd Annual Awards & Charities

Dinner. First, we’d like to thank the academy
ACDI Wins The Cannata Award

PaperCut 18

Did you know PaperCut 18 won BLI’s 2019 Pick Award for Outstanding Cost Accounting & Recovery Solution? Our favorite print management software beat out dozens of other document imaging solutions. 2018 introduced some amazing new features including:

That’s not even half of it. Go ahead and learn more about one of the latest Google for Education Premier Partners.

Buena onda

Hablas español? Genial! Nosotros también. Nuestro equipo de ventas y soporte ha crecido en América Latina. Esto significa que hay nuevos recursos disponibles en uno de los idiomas más hablados del mundo. Visite nuestra página de YouTube para ver videos en español o conozca a los miembros más recientes de nuestro equipo de Latam.

Translation: Do you speak Spanish? Great! We do, too. Our sales and support team has grown in Latin America. This means new resources are available in one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Check out our YouTube page to watch videos in Spanish or get to know the newest members of our Latam team.

Welcome to the team!

Speaking of new members, we’ve got a lot of new faces to show. You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with, right? From Sales to Support to Marketing and beyond, we’ve packed our roster with all-stars. Some you may even know!

We’re always looking to add a few good men & women to our team. If you’re interested in ACDI career opportunities, double-click this link NOW.

Lights, camera, action!

You know how we added great new hires? One of those new hires is a videographer!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has to be worth about a million. That’s our goal. To create and share one million videos about our people & products no matter how long it takes. We’ve got time.

If you do too, start by checking out some of the top videos on our YouTube channel.

Launching IdentiD

One of our most viewed YouTube videos in 2018 introduced IdentiD. Our name stands for Access Control Devices, Inc. after all.

IdentiD is a biometric fingerprint scanner that you can only get from ACDI. It locks down access at security-conscious businesses with one touch authentication for MFPs. You have to see it to believe it.


Service is at the center of ACDI. We moved to Benton because it feels like home and we want to take care of our home. 2018 was the year of community giving. From ALS awareness to affordable housing, education and everything between. This is only the beginning.

Live & work, but don’t forget to play

All in all, we just had fun. Whether you’re a sports fan, a new mom, or a gamer, we try to offer something for everyone. Some people ask if we ever do any work here. Well, yea. When it doesn’t feel like work, you seem to get more done. You become a family. You become a part of ACDI.

How about you… what was your favorite moment during 2018?

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