Don't Miss A Chance To Elevate Your Education Game

By Summer Jones

Ring, Ring! This class is in session. And who better to teach you about selling into the education space than ACDI? Join us for our April Webinar on Tuesday, April 19th at 1:00 p.m. central to learn about our expansive portfolio and selling into the education space. It is no secret that the education space revolves around today’s current technology. There are many different options when school districts and universities choose what technology to bring to their classrooms and campuses. So what makes ACDI products stand out? What makes ACDI stand out? Why should districts buy from you?

Here’s a preview of the syllabus:

  • Casey Cobb, Regional Sales Manager, ACDI, will discuss selling strategies for the education vertical. With his more than 11 years of experience, you’ll be sure to learn a trick or two!

  • Tyler Alvord from PaperCut discusses Google’s impact on education and the hybrid environment. 

  • Josh Lane, President and CEO of ACDI, will discuss StoryBoard and  EV charging stations – StoryBoard is a powerful analytics tool that can take data and graphs to the next level. Think your PaperCut reports are helpful? They sure are! But StoryBoard for PaperCut pulls in your data and displays it in an organized, easy-to-digest, and elegant dashboard. As far as EV Charging, you’ll have to be in your virtual seat to learn about this exciting advancement for the future.

  • Johann Fassbender joins us to discuss our brand new capture software, Scanshare. Its mobility, compatibility, verification, and costs are something you don’t want to miss. 

  • Jill Gillespie will school us on Elatec RFID systems in education. There are more card readers on campus than you think! Did you know without Elatec, our EV chargers would not be possible? That’s right; every EV charger is equipped with an Elatec NFC reader.


If you didn’t know that fact, that’s probably an indication you need to register for the April webinar to learn more. Don’t worry; we aren’t upset you registered the day before! We’ll see you on the Webex. Class Dismissed. Don’t forget your homework.

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