Terra Energy Services Announces All Copy Products as New Reseller Partner

BENTON, Ark. — Terra Energy Services, a division of Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI), is pleased to announce the addition of All Copy Products as an authorized reseller of its electric vehicle (EV) products.

Terra Energy Services is focused on adding power to the growing electric vehicle market that supports clean and sustainable energy solutions. This partnership provides an opportunity for Denver-based All Copy Products to enrich its offering to customers by adding EV charging products, including chargers, software, analytics, support, and financing options.

All Copy Products is a leader in helping businesses overcome workplace challenges by providing the latest in office technology accompanied with an unparalleled experience in the office solutions industry. Founded in 1975, its customer-centric business model has ensured that organizations across its footprint have received award-winning support and service, enabling them to maximize their efficiency and focus more on their core business.

“We’re thrilled to welcome All Copy Products to our growing network of Terra Energy Services resellers. Their dedication to serving customers is extraordinary, evidenced by their incredible accomplishments over the last 45 years. It’s an honor to partner with All Copy Products as we navigate the future of electric vehicles together.”

“Here at ACP, we believe in constantly innovating, expanding our product range, and harnessing cutting-edge technology; our commitment to these principles has been instrumental in the continuous growth of ACP and the loyalty of our customers. With our tagline in mind, ACP is a complete provider of office technology solutions and the adoption of new technology, such as EV chargers, provides more avenues for growth and additional opportunities to serve our valued clients.”

Fueled by its network of authorized resellers, Terra Energy Services offers a path to capitalize on the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the need for a sustainable infrastructure to support that growth through a combination of hardware, software, and maintenance offerings.

“All of us at ACDI are proud to have an industry leader like All Copy Products as a partner in growing the infrastructure to support electric vehicles. With a focus on sustainability and infrastructure, Terra Energy Services looks forward to an exciting future together as EV adoption grows rapidly.”

By 2030, approximately 50 percent of all new car sales are expected to be electric vehicles. Through this partnership, Terra Energy Services and All Copy Products are committed to making the process of EV charging simple for businesses, fleets, and retail settings.

About Terra Energy Services

Terra Energy Services is a division of Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI) that solely focuses on power through clean energy and sustainability. With a goal to make electrification accessible to everyone, we provide a simple turn-key solution that drives differentiation and revenue for our partners that want to be involved in the electric vehicle revolution. From infrastructure planning to installation, Terra Energy Services is committed to making electric vehicle charging effortless for commercial, fleet, and residential environments. For more information, visit www.terraenergyservice.com.

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