Internal Forms

Business Card Request

Request new business cards or put in an order for more.


Collateral / Swag Request →

Please use this form to request brochures, flyers, cleaning cloths, and pens.

Pull-Up Banner Request →

Use this form to request pull-up banners for dealers.

Marketing Project Request →

If you need something from the marketing team, please fill out this form.

TikTok Video Submission Form →

Use this form to submit original TikTok content intended to be posted on the ACDI channel.

Webinar Request Form →

Please use this form to request marketing assistance for an upcoming webinar.

ACDI Hub →

Our internal hub that includes downloadable collateral, and presentations for our solutions.

PaperCut Partner portal →


Zoho Account updates – e.g. wrong owner
Zoho Application Requests/Permissions
Data discrepancies
Creator Application Issues
Creator Feature Requests
Feedback from Dealers using the new tools
Quotes/Renewals issues/feedback
Other Zoho issues/feedback
Process issues/feedback

Facilities Report when supplies need replenished, service requests need to be requested.

IT Requests

For IT related issues with laptops, hardware, etc.

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