Highlight Your “Local Government”

Highlight Your “Local Government”

Lots of talk about local business’ and government in the news these days. It’s also a big topic in the imaging industry as well. You may think of local government as stale, dusty, dark offices where workers slowly process your applications and file your paperwork. Not the case!

There are many really big efficient office environments that could use PaperCut if not all of the ACDI solutions. Why not help your local government lower their print costs and help protect sensitive information. ACDI has Print Management Solutions for State, County, and Local Government. We want to give them the tools to monitor and manage their fleet of output devices including consulting, software, hardware, and services.

Whether you call it local government, community services, or city council, these are the organizations that keep our communities functional and fun. Think parks and rec, think animal shelters, think county fairs, and Christmas light festivals. They’re the unsung heroes who recycle our rubbish, rescue your grandma’s cat from her tree, and keep the water running in our homes and the light posts beaming on our streets.

Most of all it just makes you feel good to help “local.”

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