Our 3 Favorite Features/Updates of The PaperCut 20.1 Version Release

Our 3 Favorite Features/Updates of The PaperCut 20.1 Version Release

New software releases can be overwhelming to consume, so we thought we would highlight our favorite new features for grabs in the 20.1 PaperCut release.

  • New data integrations
  • Spool file encryption for each print job
  • Mobility Print/Print Deploy Updates

Data integrations

Easily configure PaperCut’s Data Integration platform to export your usage data from PaperCut MF to your 3rd party Business Intelligence tool of choice, like Sisense or Domo.

  • You choose the datasets (users, printer, print scan, copy usage, accounts, servers).
  • Historical data export.
  • Choose the data output location; then, export into CSV format.
  • Build the dashboard that you want

We understand that creating a whole new dashboard can be daunting. So that’s why we also have off the shelf pre-built dashboards supported by third-party integrations.

Also, ACDI created the integration ‘Storyboard,’ which gives you instant, real-time visualizations of your PaperCut installation with advanced comparison analytics.

Spool File Encryption

Major Security Enhancement Alert!

Without encryption, anyone that has access to the print server can look at jobs, putting your data at risk! Now, all jobs are encrypted while they are stored on the disk of the Print Provider.

That’s right; every single one has an extra layer of security. With this feature, we’re currently supporting Windows OS, where the Windows environment must be at least Server 2012.

What’s New with Mobility Print and Print Deploy?

Mobility Print’s latest feature, Cloud Print, enables printing over the Internet available in October in Beta on:

  • Windows
  • BYOD / unmanaged Chromebooks
  • macOS

Already supported on managed Chromebooks!

Print Deploy’s latest feature adds in a Linux Client:

The Linux market share is small, less than one percent; however, major players trust this operating system. Google, NASA, Facebook, and Amazon.

  • Print Deploy allows print queues to be deployed to any user where they are, and now the new Print Deploy Linux Client is available.
  • Print Deploy supports macOS, Windows, and Chromebooks.

For more information on the latest release, hop on over for the full details.

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