How Print Management Helps Healthcare in a Crisis

How Print Management Helps Healthcare in a Crisis

Healthcare organizations are strained, overwhelmed, and inundated with work. Their printing workflows don’t have to be.

How can a discussion about healthcare and print management be relevant? 

Under normal circumstances, healthcare organizations have many issues to deal with internally when it comes to printing. Behind the scenes, they deal with IT infrastructure breakdowns. Integrating other software with their existing electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) systems to maintaining HIPAA compliance is a big job, and the current crisis doesn’t lighten the load. PaperCut doesn’t have a magic wand to make the situation go away, but it can help with printing so healthcare professionals can focus on what matters, and that’s patient care. 

How can print management help with these concerns? 

Utilizing a print management system, like PaperCut MF, provides security by using find-me-printing and secure print release. A job is sent to a print queue where it will be held until the user authenticates at a device with find-me-printing. Users can choose which devices they release from based on convenience! It also eliminates the fear of abandoned print jobs, which aids in HIPAA compliance. 

Once a user is ready to print their job, they can use the secure print release feature. Users can take advantage of the latest technology offerings, like badges, keyfobs, or even fingerprint scanning. If an organization does not have such resources in place, PaperCut also offers the option of using a PIN or username and password. 

Did we mention that PaperCut integrates with Epic and Cerner for a better experience managing all your information in one place? PaperCut MF has a comprehensive suite that allows healthcare organizations to bolster their print security and compliance story.

Initially, we posed a question. How can a discussion about healthcare and print management be relevant? In summary, healthcare organizations have enough to worry about; Why not let PaperCut handle the printing?

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