PaperCut Launches Printing Over the Internet with Cloud Print

PaperCut Launches Printing Over the Internet with Cloud Print

ACDI would like to announce the newest features to PaperCut’s new Cloud Print, which lets users print over the internet when outside the network, or on an untrusted guest network. Just another excellent tool as part of the PaperCut 20.0 release. It’s included with Mobility Print (PaperCut’s popular BYOD printing solution), which has been making waves as a fantastic alternative to Google Cloud Print, while also delivering full BYOD tracking when paired with PaperCut MF.

Now, with Cloud Print in the mix, Mobility Print doubles down on convenience to let users print anywhere from any device. Here’s how Cloud Print makes printing better. It delivers native printing via a secure and encrypted channel, so users can print from any software application and easily pick printing options.

This is a new opportunity for the user to be able to print lightning-fast in any scenario. It will allow print jobs to stay local and offline when possible, and anything sent via the internet uses a peer-to-peer connection (like Google Meet) for maximum send-speed.

Some organizations looking for an alternative to Google Cloud Print will now have the security of what a Mobility Print server offers, and from being exposed to the internet. A tool that is sure to keep clients who have just an outbound internet connection.

The best part is the native UI printing, just by hitting ‘print’ right in the device’s interface, you will be able to enable simple, functional printing from any application.

It is designed for a simple self-set up for users, as well as, points users to a self-setup page to find the shared network printers themselves to ease the load on your IT team. Lastly, there will be continuous update installs on user devices, with the latest features pushed automatically, to cut out costly software maintenance and intrusive app updates.

Mobility Print is smart, too. Whenever it can, cloud jobs compress and encrypt so that the user can save space and keep their data safe. This is compatible with PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG, so get full control and visibility for your clients or users to complement unmatched mobile printing in the cloud. Print from anything at any time, now with Cloud Print. Globally proven and preferred with over 10 million people happily using Mobility Print all over the world from schools to law firms to large healthcare facilities.

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