Let ACDI take your PaperCut solution to the next level with a custom integration.

An ACDI integrations specialist will work with your team to create a seamless integration and workflow that works best for your business practice data. 

The Latest PaperCut Connection from ACDI:

etherFAX is a secure data transmission solution that leverages hybrid cloud fax services for fast, reliable, and cost-effective fax communications. With more than six million connected endpoints, the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) is the world’s largest fax network, supporting every major fax server, application, and fax-enabled device. Systems within the etherFAX ecosystem can communicate directly with each other without the use of telephony, while the SEN is capable of sending color, high-resolution, documents, and fully encrypted payloads with no change in the user experience.

*Only available for PaperCut MF 21.2 versions and above.

*Currently only available for Windows Servers.

*Users must have current M&S to add this connector. 

Who Benefits from an EtherFax Connection?


With innovative solutions from PaperCut and etherFAX, the ACDI team is committed to providing a secure environment for healthcare professionals to exchange, extract, and integrate data. It’s our mission to empower organizations to enhance productivity and increase value with real, tangible benefits. The future of healthcare document exchange is here, and it’s powered by PaperCut, etherFAX, and brought to you by ACDI.


Why A Custom PaperCut Integration?

A customized configuration facilitates the automation and sync of client and matter data directly with PaperCut’s Shared Accounts. Scheduled reports for import via import feature can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly based on the billing cycle, eliminating the need for manual transaction entries.


50+ Plus Integration Possibilities

Don’t see your software highlighted here? Don’t worry; we have plenty to choose from and will create customized integrations, even if we haven’t created it before. See a complete list of our 3rd party integrations…


A Patented Process

ACDI will schedule a pre-installation consultation meeting to develop an action plan. Once we’re confident that we know what you need, we will create the integration, roll it into implementation and then train and support your team.  


We’ve built two applications that handle the import of accounts to PaperCut and the export of charges to the third-party software. This has allowed us to reduce the time required to implement new integrations from multiple 2-hour sessions to a single 2-hour session. Depending on your environment, some integrations can be done in under an hour.


Step by Step to Better Data

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1. Client Data

Client data is exported from existing 3rd party software for import into PaperCut.

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2. PaperCut

PaperCut tracks usage of print,copy, scan, and fax usage.


3. Data Export

Data is exported out of PaperCut and converted to match the needs of the3rd party software.

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4. Data Import

After the data has been converted, it is then imported back into the clients 3rd party software.


Why Work With ACDI?

  • Eliminates Staff Inefficiency
  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Consistent Data Input and Output
  • Automates mundane tasks
  • Client/Matter/Customer/ Project List
  • Data Validation
  • Consistent Data Conversion
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reporting
  • Interactive Integration for conversion time decisions


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ACDI Integrations – What to Expect

The roadmap for successfully implementing PaperCut into your workflow.


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