Project Management

Your guide to project coordination and software installation at ACDI

Project Coordinators

What if you didn’t have to keep up with every detail of your software installation? You could spend that time focused on more important things. That’s why our Project Coordinators are ready to manage your install from start to finish.

  • Dedicated account coordinators
  • Prompt installation scheduling
  • Single point of contact
  • Available to answer any install questions
  • Educates implementation team on install process
  • Installation quality assurance & customer service


Installation Process
You will receive a project kick-off email from your project lead. This email will ask to schedule a kick-off call and include a summary of the project life cycle.

30 minute call discussing system requirements and responsibilities for PaperCut installation.

Sessions will be scheduled according to size and complexity of order.

Sessions – One to many sessions may be needed for complete installation. PaperCut is installed and administrator training is provided. During the life of the project, email Project Coordinator & Professional Services Engineer for support.

After 5 days of no issues, project is closed and moved over to support.

If any issues arise, contact ACDI software support for assistance.

Software Support: 1.877.290.3327  |

NOTE: For more details concerning project life cycle, download this link: Professional Services Workflow


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