A delicate balance of humor and hard work. Our training courses are perfect for software engineers, solutions consultants and your company’s designated tech guru who yearns to learn more about PaperCut MF.

Customer Success Program

Let ACDI drive your customer success

At ACDI, we’re CS Certified! We subscribe to the 10 laws of customer success, ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service. Its relationship-focused client management, that aligns client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial outcomes.

ACDI Customer Success

An effective Customer Success strategy results in decreased customer churn and increased up sell opportunities. Once we know how customers are measuring Success, it’s up to us to confirm they’re achieving it and are having a positive experience along the way. With this, we will have the most valuable asset possible: AN ADVOCATE .

ACDI Maintenance & Support Plus

It’s like an upgrade from coach to first class. Standard M&S includes email, phone, and real-time support. Additionally, with ACDI’s M&S Plus, take advantage of server-side software upgrade assistance, remote sessions, priority over M&S customers for response times, annual dashboard training for admins, print data audits, and the re-embedding of MFD’s due to hardware failures.

ACDI Print Assurance

Let us help you proactively assist your customers with our remote monitoring and management tools. We can set up secure remote connections without worrying about complex VPN, firewall considerations. We’ll remotely manage PaperCut and MFD admin pages when action needs to be taken. We can also monitor health status alerts to maximize uptime and keep an eye on stability.

As with any business there are levels of understanding, and then there are our levels.

Which vertical had the highest churn rate?  |  What are our retention and growth rates by product? What is the average contract size versus the original contract size of customers who have been with us for more than 3 years?

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ACDI Services


Work with an ACDI integration specialist to create a seamless integration and workflow that works best for your business practice data.

Print Assurance

Proactive assistance for customers with our monitoring and management tools. Secure connections to manage and monitor remotely.

Award - Winning Support

Post-sale support, expertise, follow-through, and patience to help customers recognize value as quickly as possible. That’s where ACDI comes in.

Online Support Portal

Connect with our technical support team and track your software tickets.

24/7 Software Support

U.S. Toll-Free 1.877.290.3327

*Must have purchased 24/7 Support

Software Support

7 AM – 6 PM CT, M – F

Hardware Support

8 AM – 5 PM CT, M – F

Sales Coverage

U.S. Sales Coverage

Canada Sales Coverage

Latin American Sales Coverage

Our Products

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