PaperCut 20.0 Just Dropped – Let’s Talk About the Insanely ‘Epic’ Updates!

PaperCut 20.0 Just Dropped – Let’s Talk About the Insanely ‘Epic’ Updates!

It’s official, the 20.0 release build is here, and ready for delivery. Along with PaperCut, ACDI is tipping our hats to healthcare. With the new Epic compliance and further Cerner support, hospitals and healthcare providers now have stable print management, making printing more secure for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

There’s also a new High Availability Application Server Failover feature to help keep customers printing. Plus, Device Scripting which allows for customization of MFD functionality, alongside self-service updates to Print Deploy, and Enhanced MFD device deployment for rollouts large or small. Additionally, Mobility Print, in conjunction with Cloud Print, will be the most suitable replacement for users who currently use Google Cloud print. Whew, that’s a lot right?! 

ACDI is excited about the new PaperCut Epic integration for its flagship feature-rich print management software PaperCut MF, now available in Epic’s App Orchard gallery. PaperCut MF has a comprehensive suite of security and MFD integrations that allow healthcare organizations to bolster their print security and compliance story.

Features such as secure print release with authentication at any printer/MFD, Find-Me printing, and traceability of jobs reduces the risk of Protected Health Information (PHI) being misprinted or misused without recourse. PaperCut MF also offers users a wide range of useful and straightforward operating system-agnostic print enablement features to ensure time is spent on more pressing matters, like giving excellent care to their patients.

It’s not just the latest integration that ensures PaperCut MF works well in healthcare. The software has a user-friendly UI, helping administrators set up and manage their environment in minutes, PaperCut is scalable to work in any size of healthcare environments.

Healthcare facilities will also now have better document security and visibility across all their printing. Furthermore, understanding how we can continue to strive for added value for all our customers’ experience, regardless of industry, is evident. We will continue to aim for excellence to ensure that our products allow the sales team to position themselves appropriately within all markets, regardless of how disrupted it has been. PaperCut takes a cross-platform, vendor-neutral approach to technology to deliver one of the industry’s most reliable print management solutions.

ACDI and PaperCut have certainly navigated through some very uncertain times over the last 90 days. We both discovered ways, even amid a pandemic, to deliver new tools. For example, ACDI Analytics, which will help you keep an eye on your mission-critical data is now available. Plus, the new version of PaperCut with its modern functionality that is easy to implement.

It’s vital to remain relevant over time, and the best way to execute that is to innovate systematically. PaperCut shares those same core values with ACDI, and the modifications of their flagship software PaperCut MF prove that even during challenging market times, they continue to evolve. In today’s business, it’s all about the “pivot and adapt” theory. PaperCut 20.0, will undoubtedly further engage your customers, incite some exciting conversations, and hopefully increase installs.

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