Start Cutting IT Costs By Cutting IT Waste

Start Cutting IT Costs By Cutting IT Waste

Looking for better ways to manage your IT costs? It’s one of the three significant challenges IT teams face this year, along with enabling groups to work from home and ensuring a safe return to the workplace. Perhaps you have already furloughed some employees, reducing your cost significantly. Another item to consider is to start cutting costs within your printing network.   Start cutting costs by cutting waste. Why? Because it’s where workplace waste is most apparent, printing also falls into the third-highest expense category within an organization. And, judging by the recycle bin beside every printer in every workplace in every city in the world, your printing network is a hotbed of potential waste unless you’re using PaperCut!   By the numbers You can expect a 10 – 20% reduction in print costs from introducing print management to your IT stack. Whatever you are spending on your printing environment today, installing PaperCut WILL reduce those costs significantly tomorrow. With PaperCut, around one in ten documents are no longer printed. Instantly, you’re spending less on paper and less on toner or ink.   How PaperCut helps you cut costs

  • You can see who is printing, along with where, when, and how. 
  • Eliminating abandoned print jobs with secure print release.
  • Encourage responsible printing behaviors by suggesting grayscale and double-sided printing. 
  • Implement printing quotas and introduce incentives for responsible printing behaviors. 

When you’re looking for better ways to control your IT budget due to the events of 2020, start with managing waste.  If you’re not using a print management solution yet, you should.   If you are interested to see what your organization could save, check out PaperCut’s ROI calculator or talk to your ACDI Sales Representative today.

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