How to Cultivate Intentional Networking

How to Cultivate Intentional Networking

By: Lawson Hudson, ACDI’s Marketing Research Intern

Did you know next week is International Networking Week? At ACDI, we believe that intentional networking is one of the key ways to ensure customer success and reduce churn rates within an organization. In honor of the week, we wanted to provide you some tips that we have learned along the way to help you cultivate intentional networking within your organization.

  1. Perfect your Elevator Pitch – Have a game plan! Have a statement that explains what you do in under a minute and why you’re networking with them. It should be captivating but concise, leaving room for colleagues* to ask questions about your business to learn more. Don’t be afraid to spice it up depending on who you’re meeting.
  2. Expand your pool – It’s essential to expand your network with other businesses and add depth within organizations. Reach out to individuals in different departments than you collaborate with less frequently and strive to make new connections in every setting, whether during a webinar or at a training event.
  3. Team Up – Don’t go at it alone! Remember, the goal is to expand your network within organizations to know as many individuals as possible, and you should want that for your organization too! Organize with colleagues in a few different departments and plan your networking strategy together!
  4. Create Opportunities – While it’s essential to create an excellent first impression, make sure it’s one that lasts. It’s important to develop future engagement opportunities, whether through a follow-up email or inviting them to another event.

These simple things can go a long way in being intentional about your approach to networking and have short term and long term gains in promoting customer success.

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