A Day in the Life of a PSE

A Day in the Life of a PSE

Hi! My name is Ron Chiu, and I’m a Professional Services Engineer or PSE here at ACDI. I was asked if I’d be interested in sharing some helpful information about my role. After some thought, I decided to give you a snapshot of my responsibilities as a PSE, why an excellent professional services team matters, and the value I bring to our partners and their customers.
First, a little about the ACDI PSE Team. Our focus encompasses the installation, configuration, and training for all of ACDI’s solutions. We work in tandem with our partners and their customers to ensure that their experience exceeds expectations. We spend a great deal of time speaking to different partners and their customers throughout the day. Most of those conversations fall into one of three project phases:

1. Pre-installation –

During this time, I listen to the customer and partner to understand their objectives and goals concerning a particular solution – while also gaining insight into their network setup. This information is essential for everyone to know, as it sets the stage for project success. I also make it a point to ensure that everyone involved in the project understands what to expect during every phase of the plan going forward. It’s paramount that everyone involved gives input during this part of the process.

2. Installation & Configuration –

Just like the title says, the software is installed and configured to the customer’s specifications. We understand that everyone is busy; it’s why we work in the most efficient manner possible. Even though the customer and partner representative are onsite, I’m often installing and configuring the software from a remote location. Working this way allows us to keep our fees low and limit the amount of time from purchase to project completion. Once the solution is installed and configured, all parties take part in testing the new solution. It’s this kind of cooperation that expedites this phase of the project.

3. Training –

One of the most critical phases of the project. The PSE provides detailed information on all the features and functions, including how to update and maintain their new software. We make sure the customer is comfortable with using the product and ensure they understand how it will benefit them going forward. The customer will univariably have questions, and as a PSE, it’s my responsibility to make sure that I have the answer. It’s why we continually train on the solutions we sell. Training helps to ensure that the project is a success by making the transition to the new software as easy and painless as possible.

But, It doesn’t end there. ACDI’s PSE team will continue to assist the customer should they have any additional questions. When additional training or troubleshooting sessions are needed, we work with them until they are entirely comfortable with their product.
And that’s it, a typical workday – I’d like to share more with you but looks like I’m needed on a call, Bye for now –


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