Guest Blogger: Matthew Lentz’s Top 5 ACDI YouTube Videos

Guest Blogger: Matthew Lentz’s Top 5 ACDI YouTube Videos

Video-First Marketing

You may not have heard of this term yet, but you’ve experienced it. Pick up your phone and check your favorite social media app, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even MySpace (yep still running, check your old page). As you scroll through any of them you’ll notice pretty quickly – videos are everywhere.

Thanks to the internet and rapid growth in technology, video media is simpler to create, obtain, and digest than ever before! When it comes down to absorbing information, the majority has spoken – we’d rather watch a video than read an entire article or listen to a full-length podcast. Video is the perfect marriage of visuals and audio, making it a premier delivery method for various types of messages.

So, where does ACDI stand on video? We’re firmly in the ‘Video is Awesome’ category. We understand that our industry is evolving with new information coming out rapidly and that there is no better avenue than Video-First Marketing to serve our partners. We can’t get enough video. For this blog, I’d like to highlight five videos, and maybe give a little bit of insight into our thought process behind them.

5. Fresh Faces: Matthew Lentz

Let’s start with a fun one. It’s about me! I was tasked to do an introductory video upon starting at ACDI and decided to have a good time with it. When making this, I kept in mind that this would be not only a way to introduce myself to everyone at HQ, but also to everyone that would be joining ACDI afterward. So if you’re going to make a bunch of first impressions, do it with some charm!

4. IdentiD Does Everything

I’m proud of this one. Making videos for physical products is always a treat because there are so many ways you can go about doing them. This one started with a question, ‘What doesn’t IdentiD do?’. We had a laugh coming up with the different things it would be incapable of until suddenly we’re rushing around HQ making a video about it. We like to think of humor as a powerful tool. The chances of something sticking with you are far greater when you have a good laugh about it.

3. John Lopez | PaperCut

What do you do when you have John Lopez in the house? You make a bunch of videos – that’s what. When Mr. Lopez in for our technical training, we couldn’t help but sit him down and pick his brain on just about every topic we could think of. This one, in particular, focuses on a topic near and dear to us, PaperCut! John gives a lot of useful info here, and it’s well worth checking out the whole series as he dives into the imaging industry and offers his insights.

2. PaperCut MF Case Study: Healthcare

Case Studies are a vital part of any business, particularly when focusing on massive successes. That’s why when UAMS, the most significant health sciences university in Arkansas, came to us reporting they’ve saved over $3,000,000 with PaperCut. Well, you can see why we wanted to make a video – it’s enormous. If you’re going to signal-boost anything huge, you do it with a video.

1. Printers and MFPs Driving you Crazy? Try PaperCut MF

Would you buy a car without a dashboard? It’s a simple question, but what would actually happen if you didn’t have a dashboard in your car? We opted to go with a somewhat live action video for this because we want you to feel the impact of the question. Getting your message across is remarkably more straightforward when you’re able to show a story. In the case of PaperCut MF, we could have just explained what it does and left it at that. The software is strong enough to speak for itself. However, we wanted to go the extra mile and show how vital this piece of software can be to your business. That’s why I put this in the #1 spot. The best messages are the ones you can feel.

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