Guest Blogger: Work-Life Balance with Anthony Seiler

Guest Blogger: Work-Life Balance with Anthony Seiler

If you ask 10 people what they truly value, you’ll hear consistent answers like; Faith, family, health, community, and similar topics. But if you look at someone’s calendar and checkbook, you often find one’s time, energy, and resources don’t usually match up with what they ‘say’ they truly value. Why is that? Work is a big part of people’s lives and should fuel the very things we value, not diminish them

Today’s BIG IDEA: How can we build a life of value and purpose where work-life fuels the very things that bring us the most joy? I would bet we all want to know that. [this is where your hand goes up 😊]

Enter ACDI. I currently support the Pacific Northwest, helping people understand software solutions that change the way they can do business. But let’s rewind the clock 3 years – what was it that drew me to ACDI? Simple, the culture and the leadership. It’s unique, one that I haven’t experienced before. At ACDI, the senior leadership are your #1 cheerleaders – there to support you, getting in the trenches alongside if needed. As an outsider looking in, ACDI appeared to have a great set of core values, but also living out those values by expecting a family first mentality from their staff. And here’s the kicker, they’re growing exponentially year after year with happy employees. Wait, what? This must be a dream, right? My suspicions were correct, and after being a part of it for two years I understand why it’s true.

What ACDI does very well is create a culture of excellence through hiring people that fit their model. It’s a “Both/And” approach. One can’t be true without the other. I have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds, in an environment that’s fun while having a winning culture.

Simon Sinek is a brilliant speaker on leadership, organizational consulting, and leading a culture for Millennials. Simon says the three key ingredients to keep engaged and purposeful Millennial employees are:

Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose.

Notice that nowhere in the top three is wage/salary. That’s astonishing compared to past generations. So if modern day organizations are not catering to mastery, autonomy, and purpose, they are walking a fine line with turnover and employee retention.

Let’s make it practical, the “boots on the ground” approach. ACDI touches on mastery, autonomy and purpose. Each of those boxes are checked for employees. And for me, way out here in California, I have the ability to exercise each of those traits.

Mastery is becoming an expert at something. It’s constantly working towards a goal. I’m no expert – yet, but I’m getting better each day and being sharpened by my colleagues. Iron sharpens iron! #betterthanyesterday, it’s a saying you’ll hear a lot around ACDI. I love that! That’s all about mastery and becoming the best at what you do.

How about Autonomy? Autonomy is a huge piece of the work-life balance. Many companies shy away from this concept. My message to those companies – you’re hiring the wrong people. If you have to worry about someone getting out of bed in the morning, you’ve probably made a poor decision. ACDI allows their employees to be autonomous, it empowers pride of ownership within the company. It also allows for me to catch the highlight reel of my family’s greatest moments. Autonomy allows for employees to work when they work best, utilizing natural rhythms. For some, it may not be the 8-5 straight-through gig that most traditional companies have. Great ideas for growing your business come at all hours – day and night, in the shower, on a run, not just sitting behind your computer. To have the company backing to work effectively, and not just a lot, is a big factor in work-life fulfillment.

Lastly, there is Purpose. If you don’t have Purpose in the workplace, it’s only a matter of time before engagement fizzles out. Purpose is all about the bigger picture and why we do what we do. Not every day is going to be Mai Tai’s and Yahtzee, but what’s the ‘big picture’ you’re working towards? And it’s different for everyone. Make sure your everyday work aligns with your Purpose.

ACDI has checked all the boxes for me. It’s just icing on the cake that we happen to sell the greatest print management software too. There’s an old saying that your work life directly overlaps into your personal life. And vice versa, like a revolving door that directly impacts each other round and round. So it makes sense for both to complement each other; not have competing outcomes.

So how do you build a life of purpose that your career supports? Here’s a couple practical things that you can do on your own time:

1. Write down what it is you truly value. Writing it down makes it real.

2. Give yourself a gut check. Does your life resembles the things you value? Look at your calendar. Look at your checkbook. Those are two solid indicators of where your time, energy and resources are invested.

3. Compare and contrast the results.

4. If work is where you spend the most time, how is mastery, autonomy, and purpose interwoven into the culture?

5. This isn’t a ‘flip-of-the-switch’ change. The concepts above are a journey where you’re ultimately working towards success in all aspects of life. ACDI has been the greatest gift to me. And because of that, my home-life resembles that same joy!

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