The KPAX Approach

The KPAX Approach

Some companies get it.  They consistently deliver innovative solutions that make things easier.  Their approaches solve big problems in straightforward, intuitive ways that make the users’ experience dramatically better.  

This approach is what separates KPAX from other fleet management solutions. KPAX is fleet management reimagined to eliminate unnecessary work and costs that are all too common with other solutions.  It’s this reimagination of the process that is driving excitement and adoption in our industry.

While other providers have been complacent with software collection agents that require a customer workstation or server, the KPAX team recognized that office environments are transitioning from desktops and servers to laptops and cloud-based solutions.  As a result, it’s much more challenging to get access to a workstation or server than even four years ago, and the likelihood of having to install the agent on a laptop is much higher.  What is the result?  Agents are now routinely installed on laptops that leave the office.  They do not connect to the network, and the software fails to do its job.  Because of this complacent approach, most fleet management software providers don’t answer and push this problem back on the dealer as a networking issue. The KPAX team takes a different approach.

By recognizing this trend and approaching the market in a forward-thinking manner, they eliminated the need to install a software agent by developing the Liberty.  Liberty is a plug and play, a standalone agent that’s easy to install and stays connected to the network. No need for servers.  No need for workstations.  No need for PC’s or Raspberry Pi’s.

If you’re a multi-brand dealer, what type of software provider do you want to operate? One that pushes problems back to you and costs you a ton of money?  Or would you instead rather work with one whose approach meets your needs and is more efficient, which then lowers your operational costs?   

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