KPAX Software

KPAX Software

KPAX is fleet management software reimagined to simplify your entire managed print program. It collects the actionable data you need while optimizing operational and ecological costs.

ACDI is launching KPAX, a forward-thinking solution that will maximize the management of your MPS program, reduce your fleet’s overall operating costs, and improve your service quality.

The way it works is with KPAX Koins. which represent three categories of data. The “Koins” are customizable depending on your needs, so you only pay for what you use. When you apply a profile to one or more devices, then the Koins are consumed and recorded in the current month. The features are activated for 30 days and can automatically renew without any action on your part. Of course, you can mix several profiles in the same space for your convenience.

KPAX can help you improve customer satisfaction through proactive management. Coupled with ACDI’s excellent service and support, you will be able to deliver the right services to the correct user at the right time. In today’s remote working trend, efficiency will improve your overall business while allowing you to identify business opportunities and propose new services all in one platform.

Now let’s introduce KPAX Liberty: Liberty Simplifies Data Collection

It simplifies the implementation and daily management of data collector users in poorly adapted client environments (no server, no workstation control, low IT skills, Mac environment…)

The Liberty stand-alone box reduces the time the dealer’s technicians spend managing data collection and thus optimizes the operational costs of the technical service. By limiting disconnections, it helps to reduce travel and carbon footprint.

The KPAX Liberty was developed as a superior deployment option to provide increased stability. Boasting a high level of preconfigurable settings and remote manageability, the Liberty is a forward-thinking, plug and play deployment option for enterprise, SMB and SOHO environments. 

This is not a Raspberry Pi– which basically means it will eliminate issues of not being able to keep up with the demands of modern software. Some programs don’t run fast enough to be useful.  The KPAX Liberty works only with the above mentioned KPAX manager, making it more secure, more efficient, and more reliable. 

If you are like most business’ you’re always looking for an easier way to manage your accounts. Take KPAX for a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

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