KPAX Update Releases or Price Increases?

KPAX Update Releases or Price Increases?

When software is updated, users should expect new features and enhancements to the user experience. While that may sound like an obvious statement, software providers often offer price increases rather than significant updates. If this is your situation, we have good news. There is a better option for fleet management—KPAX.

KPAX is a better way to manage print devices, and it’s distributed and supported by ACDI—A company with a reputation for providing value and collaborative solutions. If you’re tired of dealing with annual price increases and binding contracts while getting nothing new in return, switch to KPAX.

Why is KPAX better?

· KPAX Koins allow you to align your fleet management costs with your revenue streams.

· KPAX Liberty allows you to reduce the time you spend reconnecting agents.

· KPAX gives you the ability to control your API access.

If you are ready for a better fleet management experience, talk to your ACDI representative to learn why more dealers are making a move to KPAX.

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