Making the Grade: Using PaperCut to Solve Education Pain Points

Making the Grade: Using PaperCut to Solve Education Pain Points

Last week we dived into cracking the education buying cycle. Talking to the right people and getting buy-in from teachers is critical. Now, we’re moving past pitching and getting down to the product.

Using Features to Solve Pain Points

We’ve identified who to talk to and who to consider. Now, let’s talk about what features can bring these people to the table.

Find-Me Printing


The number one selling feature of PaperCut is Find-Me Printing. Schools love this feature. It simplifies printing by sending a job to a queue and holding it before allowing a teacher to pick it up at any MFP.

How does this make printing simpler

I can’t tell you how many times as a teacher that I sent a print job to the wrong printer and had to reprint my job to the correct printer. Wasteful, right?

It also adds security and convenience. I was running late to a meeting once and realized that I forgot to pick up the documents that I needed from the copier on my way. If we had been using Find-Me printing, I could’ve stopped by any MFP to release my job. Instead, I had to run back to my department’s workroom to collect the documents that I needed.

And, yes, I was a little late to my meeting.

Mobility Print

Mobile printing is an increasing area of concern for schools as they begin to go one-to-one with their students and laptops. IT teams are often overwhelmed with printing issues because of these devices. PaperCut’s Mobility Print feature can help to solve this problem, especially when paired with Google for Education G-Suite. Don’t take my word for it!

Check out what Dallastown School District had to say


Reports, reports, reports. Schools love data. Especially when that data can save them time and money. With PaperCut, we can have reports scheduled. The print management software answers 5 key questions in regards to printing:

Who, what, when, where, and why.


When reviewing reports, schools may find that their SFPs are being abused. They may want to redirect those print jobs to an MFP. This is where PaperCut’s Rules-Based Routing feature comes into play.

Rules-Based Routing

There are many different rules that schools can use in their environment. The number one feature is rerouting print jobs to the cheapest compatible device. PaperCut’s rules are flexible. For example, the Principal may be able to print in color, but teachers cannot. The administration can also decide where these rules are enforced or merely a suggestion.

These features together make printing easier, reduces waste, and saves the school money. That money can go towards other projects or even raises or paying for new positions! Pair that with the fact that PaperCut is a Google for Education Premiere Partner. They have worked closely with Google to enhance single sign-on, Google Cloud Printing, and a secure LDAP sync with G-Suite. It’s a no brainer!

Be Patient

The opportunity that I mentioned earlier was three years in the making. For two of those years, the rep had essentially been locked out of the account by the CIO. The key to working with schools is to be patient and, most important, to be a consultant, not a salesperson.

Your relationship should not be transactional. You should seek to be an advisor to the school. Ask them about their workflows, do a walk-through and ask questions, or ask them what’s on their wish list. Then, work with them to enhance those workflows, stop the pain, and make their wish list a reality. Rest assured, you’ve got the resources to make it happen.

There’s a saying here at ACDI: Words choke the brain.

We have knowledgeable account managers who can assist you with a demo or a 40-day trial. Worried about the CIO grilling you with technical questions? We even have a wonderful pre-sales team of solution architects who would love to answer those questions.

Use your resources to show, not tell what this powerful solution can do for your school districts.

Written by Kayla Andrews – teacher turned ACDI Senior Account Manager

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