The Affects the Coronavirus is Having on Students & Teachers That Are E-Learning

The Affects the Coronavirus is Having on Students & Teachers That Are E-Learning

With almost 55 million students now learning at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, digital homeschooling is providing an alternative form of education. Together with all these new ways of schooling available, families will be able to choose the kind of learning environment and education that works best for their kids when the pandemic is finally over—whether that is in a conventional school or not.

We all agree educators and students are learning in extraordinary ways and in unprecedented times. The situation surrounding COVID-19 is evolving rapidly, and each day brings new difficulties to you. ACDI is working to bring you the best resources and information to help you navigate this challenging time.

Did you know about more than 80% of educational facilities report concerns of print-related data losses? PaperCut can get the documents in the right hands using a secure release feature, so institutions do not experience these losses.

Industry fact, 56% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible with remote work, which includes teachers and students. Let PaperCut help the remote workforce with its Mobility feature.

Find out how to effectively homeschool using PaperCut MF.

1. Cost Savings
2. Enhanced Security
3. Remote Accessibility
4. Accountable Print Management

With these solutions’ software, remote students and teachers would have access to print job tracking, integrated scanning, mobility print, and more. Printing can be the 3rd largest expenditure to a school behind payroll and supplies. By implementing PaperCut and merely creating rules/restrictions on printing for your institution, you can reduce printing by 30% and cut out waste.

Good rules of thumb while homeschooling your kids:

1. Let kids be a part of the decision-making
2. Make a schedule
3. Acknowledge that kids have different needs
4. Build-in recess
5. Downtime is your friend
6. Get crafty
7. Accept your limits

Routines ground us and provide a sense of safety and security. They are especially crucial for young children and even adult students. Right now, amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, all of us are experiencing anxieties. Disasters have forced isolation, and other situations associated with the virus break students’ usual routines. Any parent and/or teacher know routines are essential for school. ACDI wants to see everyone succeed in the new way of learning and assist in services and support with our top-notch software that is secure, accessible, accountable, and reduces cost. In times like this, we could all use some of that!

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