Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

When you think of Healthcare as a vertical, does your mind go directly to hospitals?  Mine does.  I mean, it’s probably the most widely known with the highest visibility.  Hospitals, emergency rooms, birthing centers, and surgeries.  Big cities, giant buildings, and multiple departments.  My mind instantly goes right there.

But what if I said Healthcare was so much broader than that?  So much more in terms of opportunity, locations, and autonomy?

At ACDI, we recognize the industry breaks down healthcare into three subcategory environments; Acute, Ambulatory and Extended Care.  Hospitals are only represented under Acute, which leaves two-thirds of the opportunities at hand.  Would you guess that Ambulatory is the number one growing healthcare subcategory?  Ambulatory represents outpatient medical care provided on an outpatient basis, including diagnosis, observation, consultation, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation services. And a further breakdown of Ambulatory is represented into two groupings; Clinical and Behavioral.  Ding, Ding, Ding!!  That leads us to Behavioral Health leading the charge in Papercut traction, growth, and market share.

What is Behavioral anyway? 

Behavioral health organizations are facilities that promote mental health, resilience, and well-being; think of treatment centers for mental and substance use disorders. They support those in recovery from these conditions, along with their families and communities.  These enriching facilities help us understand how our daily cognitive habits affect our overall well-being, emotions, biology, and behavior.

And guess what?  These facilities and treatment centers are everywhere.  I know what you’re thinking… Why are we just finding out about this now?

Historically, Behavioral Health has always been aiding in common mental health and substance abuse disorders.  That’s old news.  But now, we find ourselves 18 months into a global pandemic that has left no one unaffected.  Harvard Business Review, CDC, and The Wall Street Journal are among many sources which have reported skyrocketing percentages of mental health issues. 

  • Anxiety and depression are up 28% among teens and young adults.
  • Substance abuse is up 30% across the thirties and forties age demographic. 
  • Domestic violence is up by staggering numbers in police reports.

And this is not just in the U.S.; this is a global pandemic inside an already existing crisis. The gloomy list goes on and on, and behavioral health cannot keep up with the demand in a post-pandemic landscape.

Behavioral Health Clinics are easily overlooked and underrated as a target industry.  They’re much lower profile than hospitals but abundantly common across every region and territory.  They are mostly autonomous and able to buy locally, independent from a large health conglomerate. However, with overwhelming growth, they are consistently out of compliance and desperately need additional software support.  


Papercut’s adoption rate at Behavioral Health facilities across the Nation is no surprise.  Our feature-rich offerings bridge the gap in providing real solutions and answers to their biggest questions. 

  • Find-Me Printing offers full compliance to HIPAA, workflows that eradicate waste, and seamless integration from your personalized EMR system. 
  • Our API scan to fax provides security and ease to the convenience you’ve always wanted. 
  • MobilityPrint is your one-stop shop for managing mobile devices and mobile people, independent of networks. 
  • PrintDeploy is an early Christmas gift for IT, allowing them the ease of managing, configuring, and deploying print drivers. 
  • And of course, our active directory sync with departmental bill back and delegated print, making it easy for everyone near and far.

The results have been staggering and quite simple to share.  Papercut creates a simple way to jump back into compliance.  It allows workflows that will help a short-staffed team do more with less.  The ROI of Papercut comes within record timing allowing realized monies to pay for other critical growth opportunities.  The ease of use for IT provides visibility,  awareness for users inside and outside the network, and it’s all independent of your EMR.

But don’t take our word for it.  See for yourself. Let us know how we can help.  ACDI will ride shotgun on calls, training, demos, and more to make sure you feel equipped and ready.  Don’t miss this opportunity as the fastest-growing healthcare opportunity is happening now.

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